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North Face

Daily - Dec 4

Daily Daily
Pacific, Alaska, Hawaii






Eastern, Atlantic, Newfoundland



Dec 22 to Dec 28



Selecting a BountyCode:

If you bought a daily pass, you need to select the code for the timezone in which you will be fishing. If you bought a weekly pass, there is only one code to use for the entire week.

Fishing and taking pictures:

Each time you catch a fish, make sure to take two photos:

Photo 1:

Your fish lying flat with a ruler clearly indicating the length of the fish and clearly displaying the BountyCode. You must take the photograph from directly above and centered on the fish!

Photo 2:

You, holding your catch horizontally, chest high and as close to your body as possible. Sunglasses are NOT allowed.

Submitting your catch:

For a daily pass, you must upload both photos on BountyFishing's website prior to midnight on the day of your outing.

For a weekly pass, you can upload all your photos anytime prior to the tournament close - midnight on Sunday.

You can submit your catches in your profile. You can submit one fish per category, but you can always replace a catch by another of the same category!

For BountyRecords Challenge entries, you must send both your photos via email to


Fish With Ruler


Fish With Angler