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Summer fishng Puerto Vallarta



Posted Fri Aug 26, 2011 4:58 pm
Summer fishng Puerto Vallarta
August 26,2011
The tuna fishing here really heats up when the water temp goes beyond 85 deg. in Puerto Vallarta. We get the smaller tuna in the bay/yelapa , but the bigger ones are usually found at the corbetena and Banco. When the small ones are schooling you can catch them on just about anything. Rapalas,Live bait and skipping bats work best. The cow tuna usually are caught on live bonits and some lures. A slow troll with live bait is best or kite fishing.
Sometimes in the summer when everyone is chasing these big marlin and tuna we get here the mahi mahi action and sailfish are almost forgotten. Somedays you can limit out of mahi mahi and land a couple of sailfish as well. The fishing in the bay is almost always good year round.
Summer weather is hot but the fishing is even hotter, come on down and catch one of our big cow tunas or marlin and have some fun

Capt Pete
Puerto Vallarta Mexico
toll free 1 877 3012058
local tel 22 10920
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