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chiggercraw96 (US)'s Profile > Stories > worlds best fishing day.

worlds best fishing day.

Posted Jun 29, 2011 by chiggercraw96 (US)
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 so me and my bestfreind were fishing in the neighborhood park and werent catching anything so we decided to head home but about halfway back there is a lake that is posted no fishing....but ten feet offf shore there was a monster strike so i flipped my berkeley chigger craw blue and black fleck out and sure enough i got a ten pound largemouth...but thats not the end. the next fish i hooked took my last 5/0 hook. so i switched to my favorit sebile magic swimmer 3.5 inch slow sinking....i dont know the name of the color but it was yellow and purple... at the end of the day the total fish count between me and my friend was 26 fish 14 me 12 him. best fishing day. ever.
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