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Posted Dec 6, 2008 by TracknTails (CA)
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 Well here is some info of my Ottawa River outing with Matt Clay.

It’s Sept 30, 2006 and we hit the water roughly around 7:15am and boy the fog was thick as pea soup.  We did some trolling and some casting with no luck.  Well it's about 8:30am now and were into a different area, not sure where, the fog was still thick and after about 4 casts, WHAM! She lifted her head above the water as I watched her take down my lure.  All I can say is WHAT A RUSH!!!  The fight was strong and thought it was larger than what she ended up being, but still the best fight I've had with a Musky so far.

She measured 43in. I was so pumped that I still couldn't believe that I caught that nice of a Musky.

I owe it all to "Matt Clay" Thanks buddy.

Well later on, probably after lunch Matt's line goes screaming off on a troll, so I take the wheel after Matt jumps for his rod, shut off the motor, reel in my line (don't want tangles that causes loosing a fish) and grab the net.

What a RUSH!!! to see Matt catch that fish.  The rush was just as intense, if not more just watching Matt catch one.  I was so glad Matt got one as well.

She measured 35.5" We continued casting and trolling up till about 6:45PM but nothing else hit.  All I can say is WHAT A DAY!!! and I owe it all to Matt Clay.
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Comments (2 comments)
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Dec 10, 2008)
WTG man! Now next time we go Musky fishing we gotta catch something!!!! Mike :)
pondjumper (posted Dec 7, 2008)
Catching fish all day is an awesome expierience, but just one monster can make an otherwise slow day a great day.
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