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Very First Bay of Quinte Outing

Posted Dec 7, 2008 by TracknTails (CA)
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 January 5, 2007 - Bay of Quinte - Picton, Ontario

Well I finally made it out to Picton on the Bay or Quinte with my good friend Jamie. It was a last minute trip and he was able to arrange a guide to take us out. We were fortunate to have Sheldon Hatch as our guide for the day.

Well my day started around 5:00am as I went to grab a coffee and fill the truck up with gas.

So off I go 401 Eastbound with the my blood already pumping with excitement in catching my very first Walleye. So impatient I start asking myself "how much longer before I get there" ;D Well 2hours later and there's the exit - Hooray!!!

Okay, turn right and off I go making my way to Picton ;D I'm even more excited now that I'm so much closer. I get into town and find a Tim Hortons and get my thermos filled with coffee and I'll be good for the day.

Now which way was the Ferry? :) Oh there you are Man, where are these guys LOL - now I just want to get on that water and catch me a WALLEYE ;D

Well Jamie shows up around 9:30am and now we're just waiting for the "guy with the boat" LOL

Every minute feels like 10 as we waited for ---> there he is "follow me to the boat launch" he said, so off we go.

We arrive at the launch and who did I meet there ? Brian, the owner of JB Fishing Depot in Etobicoke, with 2 of his fishing buddies.

Time to play so we grab our camera, snacks and coffee and in the boat we go - IT'S WALLEYE TIME ;D I looked over at Jamie and we both just smiled - nice boat - nice day - what else is there to say


So Sheldon finally stops the boat, get's all the rod holders and rods ready to go. Starts the kicker and off we go.... I'm now so happy at this point that I could have screamed - but hey gotta keep cool right

Okay first board is out, now second one is out - I look over at Jamie and tell him he could have the first one, since he got today organized for us.

Well what do you know, as soon as the third board was in the water - FISH ON - Grab it Jamie

Do you think Jamie is happy?

LOL - I think the smile on his face says it all

It's not a Trophy, but a nice little 3+ keeper

In the live well it goes. Well Sheldon is trying to get 6 lines out since we were East of the Ferry, but nope, only got number 4 out and I think I see a FISH ON, my turn so I grab the rod. Boy this one feels like a Cow I said, but first time I've trolled with boards, so I though it was the weight of the board. Board comes in, unclip, and WOW, this is a BIG ONE. This one fought pretty good with quite a few head shakes, and at least 5 minutes to bring in the last 18 feet of line. My knees were shaking, I didn't want to lose it, it's my fist Walleye, and maybe, just maybe over 10?

Yep, Happier than a pig in...... well you know... My very first Walleye, just over 10 - what else could I ask for? I was one happy guy Well what a feeling. It was like winning the lottery

Well a little while went by and we were all exchanging stories and finally were able to get all 6 lines out.

Sheldon looks at one of the boards and grabs the rod and gives it a steady pull back, then gently puts the rod back in the holder. "Um, I think there's a fish on that outside line" he says, and Jamie and me look at each other as we look at the board, and there was a pause... "It's your turn" I said, Jamie grabbed the rod and started to reel it in, not feeling much on the rod he's thinking of passing it off to me. "I think you should keep it" I said and he kept thinking there was no fish on it. Well the board comes in, unclip it, and all of a sudden, "This is a big one" Jamie said. Sheldon and I are laughing and saying "aren't you glad you didn't hand off that rod" LOL

Well it sure was a big one, 12+ and here it is

And here is a not so great shot of the release

Well after that one the bite slowed down, we did 2 more passes in the same area and still no hits. So off we go to try West of the Ferry for a bit, so now we're down to 3 rods.

At this point we're running 2 on boards and 1 on a long line. It's almost 4:00PM now and still no hits. We were marking mother loads on the screen, but none wanted to play. Wait, why is that outside board acting funny. It's my turn I grab the rod and keep it tight, and reel in nice an easy. "This one is bigger than my other one" I said. Oh....getting closer, and closer, and closer ----huh , the board is running straight and I don't feel anymore head shakes -----Ahhhhh shook off I guess. It's 4:30pm now and we all agreed it was time to take it in.

Well I can't complain, 1st Walleye, and ends up being over 10 and Jamie gets a keeper and now his BP went from a 7 to a 11+

Thanks to Jamie for organizing this great day, and Sheldon, a great guy, for a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

Couldn't think of a better way to start off my 2007 Fishing Season
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Comments (2 comments)
FISHINMA (posted Dec 8, 2008)
SWEET! I remember catching my first about 4 years ago or so. Didn't know what they were just threw them back and learned NOT to lip em!lol It was Spring of 2007 when I learned about them and how good eatin they are!! Smiles Always! MA
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Dec 8, 2008)
Awesome story buddy! Sheldon is A-1 and Jaime is a fishing FREAK!!! Glad you shared that! Here to many more 10 plus pounders and GREAT TIMES! Love the name! Mike :)
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