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This is me with 2 Tiger Bass caught in my private lake in S.C. I have fished Lake of the Woods, Ont., 51yrs. I lived in Ill. my whole life and moved to S.C. June, 2011. I had a home at Lake of the Ozarks for 17+ years, where I caught all species of fish.

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The New Life, 2013 Continued

Posted Jan 25, 2013 by guideman (US)
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 Well, it's been about a year and a half since we moved from northern Illinois, to the Low Country of South Carolina. As far as the climate change is concerned, what in God's name, ever took me so long? The first winter here was so mild, I fished on Christmas and New Years, just to say I did it and I caught fish on those days. As a matter of fact, I caught several very nice fish, the entire winter long. The new home and neighbors have been way better than my wife and I could have possibly imagined. We have made some true life lasting friendships here, already. Almost everyone here comes from somewhere else in the country, even if they have just moved a relatively short distance. We have many of our neighbors and friends, from all over the world, now living in our development. Many have come from California and from west coast states as well as the east coast states, all just to live in South Carolina. I think I just might have stumbled into a not so well known secret spot, that others from all over the US, are discovering. Now, let's talk about the important issue of the private lake upon which I now live. It is called Hampton Lake, a strict gated community with guards at the entrance. What makes this such an amazing body of water is that the lake has been managed by a very smart, well known fisheries biologist, from it's very inception. If you have ever looked at any of the pictures I have posted, you will see that the Tiger Bass have grown at an incredibly quick rate, just considering this lake is only 6 years old, at the most. We now have definite 8 to 9 pounders in this lake and probably some pushing 10 pounds, by now. We just need to catch them in order to confirm those weights. We also planted 4000 Black Crappie in the winter of 2011. We are very hopeful that they will be spawning this spring and establishing their own niche' in the lake. If they grow in a similar fashion to the Tiger Bass here, we can expect 1 to 2 pound Crappie by this next fall. The neat thing is that most residents don't have a clue how to fish for Crappie. Anybody can look at the pictures I have posted, by monthly dates and I really do appreciate any and all comments, both positive and constructive.
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guideman (posted Jan 25, 2013)
You can come down and try it any time, Ari!
dragonslayer (posted Jan 25, 2013)
Sounds like you have stumbled upon Eden! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy! Enjoy.
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