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Hey there! When I'm not crunching numbers, you'll find me at the fishin hole with my son! I fish for most anything...anywhere, usually around home...Utah. My motto Live Laugh Love and FISH! SMILES ALWAYS! MEMBER OF TEAM BOUNTYMONSTER

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Posted Oct 28, 2008 by FISHINMA (US)
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In a land far out west but not too far out, lived a Bountyfishing nut named…LuLu. Now LuLu longed and was way over due for a Bounty Walleye! She did her homework, scoped out the competition and gave her fellow anglers a bunch of crap. She was positive to whoop some bounty bum on this one!!…..ya right! Week #45 tourney approached and LuLu was geared to go! She even talked her fishin buddy… Derf into tagging along… only because he had a 14’ aluminum boat. Off they went to fishyland in Idaho for a fun filled 3-day adventure…so they thought!

Bone chilling winds took over the minute of arrival and to make things more complicated the boat docks were beached and on top of the launch ramps! No stopping LuLu and Derf… oh no….a little warm clothing and a lot of muscle… soon they were in the drink. They fished and froze, trolled and spinned, jigged and bumped, rocked and rolled, dropped and drifted, shallow and deep.. you name it they did it….did I mention FROZE?!!! By late Saturday afternoon they were batting an average of zero bites! That’s right folks ZERO.. NONE.. NODDA… NO BITES!! LuLu finally told Derf she was fudgin fed up to here (that being over her head) with his blankety blank boat! She had to blame something. So they made an alternate plan to fish below the dam and hoof the raging river…okay maybe not too raging. LuLu’s first cast produced the most brilliant Rainbow trout she had ever laid eye’s on! Suddenly youthful transformation began to take place with our fishin nut. Wrinkles and dark circles began to fade. Body parts that hadn’t perked in years were smiling. Boating rigor mortis turned to joyful energetic leaps over gigantic boulders… a single bound!! Yes, LuLu was a new woman and ready for another round…. until dark set. Looking all around…..where was Derf? She had caught herself into trout frenzy and totally spaced off her little buddy!! After a search and rescue mission Derf was found safe and sound snoozing in his van.

Back at camp LuLu whipped up 3 tasty pan size dressed with red spuds and baked beans for dinner. A warm toddy by the fire then it was off to la la land in their slumber bags. Night fell fast with a chilling breeze and coyotes howling… which woke our happy camper. LuLu could hear something outside the tent…was she in the land of OZ???….lions and tigers and bears OH MY!! She roused her snoring friend. “Derf…Derf there’s something out there….Derf?… DERF!!! wake up it’s in the garbage!” Derf grumbled a bit only to find a flashlight jabbed in his side by our heroine. He slowly unzipped the tent and peaked through shining the light straight into a skunk’s back end! He then zipped the door back up and crawled into his bag then snorted. Puzzled by his actions Lulu questioned him. “What the sam hills are you doing? What is it? Get rid of it….I gotta GO!!” …. and all Derf could say is, “It’s a skunk YOU get rid of it and watch your tushy… might get sprayed….snort snort!” Outside racket went on all night… then finally silence.

LuLu’s eye balls floated as she gathered enough courage to scramble out of the sack…just in the nick of time!! After a delightful cup of coffee, eggs and sausage…AND a big cleanup after skunk disaster, our refreshed eager anglers set off to the boat for another beating. Waves were splashing fiercely at the dinghy. Wind chills freezing poor LuLu’s fingers!!….what fingers?? Did she have any??? Then all of a sudden WHAM goes the tip of her rod!! In haste she snapped back too soon and lost the bite! DRAT!!! She then regressed into the biggest temper tantrum you ever saw!!….. kinda like the fits BASS PROS have when they miss one. “That's it gad darnit!! I'm outa here! Can't believe we caught NOTHING on this miserable Bleepity bleep dam and it's loaded with fish!!! Not even a carp!!!!” Our gal was not happy anymore. They packed up and went back to Happy Valley Utah at 1:00 PM Sunday afternoon.

Now don’t for a moment think this is the end of the story and LuLu has givin up the ghost! No siree bob NOT this nut! She unpacked slicker than snott and off to her local “Eye” stompin hole she went. Saw one layin in front of a log so she floated a night crawler in front of it. That fish…with an attitude… swished it's tail at her bait and swam off!! LuLu fished until dark NO bites!!! Poor LuLu head hung low and now had to face her fellow Bountyfishing angler nuts…. THAT she gave crap too no less…the shame of it all! This story is dedicated to all you Fishin Nuts who ever got skunked!
Smiles Always!
“FISHINMA” Click for full image

LuLu and her Rainbows for din din!
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Comments (13 comments)
dragonslayer (posted Nov 26, 2008)
ma, i laughed so hard i think i just peed in my waders!
BigGene (posted Nov 2, 2008)
Ma, A great story, I know the feeling!!!!!
RaiderNation (posted Oct 30, 2008)
ooops! I forgot to add the word "know" after "even"
RaiderNation (posted Oct 30, 2008)
No doubt a great story Lori!! I am a poet and dont even it! I enjoyed the hell of it! I swear LuLu you are the MOM of us all you diehard lil twiggy!!...Eric
AdamCox (posted Oct 30, 2008)
Great story MA!
musky63 (posted Oct 29, 2008)
Great story Ma!
FISHINMA (posted Oct 29, 2008)
LOL! Thanks you guys!! Love to move to CA and follow all you guys around especially if you got boats!!!lol Greg thanks for the invite but it's Thanksgiving week. I'm going to family in Las Vegas. You can find me on Lake Mead I'm sure of it!! Smiles Always!! MA
fishing4tails (posted Oct 29, 2008)
Ma your invited for walleye week end of nov. !!
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Oct 29, 2008)
MA Great story! Now watch you'll catch that eye this week! Mike :)
ridney (posted Oct 28, 2008)
awesome story! our gal needs to be happy---- you carry the whole team!!
Richard (posted Oct 28, 2008)
Great story!!
rainbow (posted Oct 28, 2008)
You Need to Move to Canada + follow Aaron [LOL] Lori That is one of the best stories on Bounty, I have read !!!!! You can fish in my boat Anyday !!! A true Angler !!!! BK
fishing4tails (posted Oct 28, 2008)
Your as hardcore as they come!!
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