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musky55 (CA)

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Posted Apr 8, 2010 by musky55 (CA)
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 Any of you Quebec boys know when the shad run out in the east end, want to go and try with the fly rod, not into the peir fishing shoulder to shoulder. I beleive it's in April but am not sure.
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musky55 (posted Apr 11, 2010)
Thanks Phil, me also can't take the shoulder to shoulder, thats why I take my waders and flyrod to keep away from the crowds.
freshwaterphi (posted Apr 11, 2010)
It's more like mid may to mid June, though it might be a bit earlier this year. I hate the shoulder to shoulder, I tried it last year and it SUCKED. I'm considering going out to Carillion with a guide boat, some of my friends went for a 1/2 day last year and it was non stop action.
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