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Seasonal Change

Posted Oct 21, 2007 by TuffEnuff (US)
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 Seasonal Change It's all happening now. This is the time of year that many sportsmen can hardly wait for. You've got the small game going pretty strong, whitetail season is just around the bend, and open water fishing is still available and producing very nicely. You just can't do it all, although some of us try. I used to, until fishing took top priority. Now, I pretty much fish as much as I can, until the deer season gets underway, or should I say "in the way." However, it wasn't all that many years ago that I would be ice fishing during the firearms deer season. That's when we had colder weather and along with I never even hunted during these times and remember wearing my blaze-orange hunting clothes out on the lakes, just to be on the safe side. In present times, I find myself open-water fishing until the end of October (sometimes a little later) and then focusing on the deer hunt. Yes, the transition time is upon us and I tried to do a little of both last weekend. Working for the Nashwauk-Keewatin school district, I am fortunate enough to have four days off for MEA weekend. Unfortunately, it rained enough on last Thursday and Friday that I decided to call it a "wash", literally. Saturday was a different story, as the beautiful weather had my brother Scott and I fishing muskies on one of our local lakes. Now is the time when I like to do "the trolling thing." It's a fairly basic presentation of long-lining large crankbaits over lake basin areas that have produced a lot of fish for me in the past and although we trolled the daylights out of this lake, the only fish spotted was a real trophy that followed up when we decided to "go shallow." Needless to say, it was jerkbait time and we ended up doing a lot of casting, which I really don't care to do. The end result is usually a sore back, which held true on this day. I had to have Marilyn rub on the "ActivOn" when I got home. That stuff works. I had Sunday all planned out. I'd sleep in, have a nice breakfast, and then go sight in my rifle with my son. I wanted to be back in time to watch Viking phenom Adrian Peterson (I thought the game was at noon). Shooting our rifles went well, with both of them being right on target. I decided to try a new rifle this season and picked up a .270 Remington 770. It's a new bolt action model that is offered as "out of the box" ready to hunt with, being bore-sighted and ready to go. I was more than surprised with the accuracy of this gun. Now that I have such a high confidence level for this season, I probably won't see anything to shoot at. Isn't that the way it goes? All I had left to do was run out and check over the deer stands with a 4-wheeler and I would be back in time for the kickoff. I just love it when a plan comes together. Meanwhile, back in the bush, there I was, buried up to the frame and walking in water that was clearly too deep for my ankle boots, in order to hook up the winch. I couldn't believe how high the water came up since my last visit. After three winchings, along with spinning the tires, I found myself wet, muddy, and searching for a totally different route back to the house. I definitely wasn't going back on the same trail. Meandering around trees, I wormed my way back to the main road and rode that muddy mess back to the truck. It was 11:30, giving me a half hour to spare (remember, I thought the game started at noon). Well, as we all know by now, the Vikings stunk up the place, as I figured they would. The only reason I wanted to see the game was because of rookie running back Adrian Peterson, after his big game last weekend I'm sure he would of done okay if they had enough possessions but when you only have 18 offensive plays in the first half of the game, what can you expect. The Vikings need a quarterback. I do know that much. Pretty pathetic. If you ask me, the Twins stunk, as the Wolves and Vikings do. I don't follow hockey so I'll leave that out. Also, I'm a big Gopher fan but their football is stinking it up too. My (our) last hope will be Tubby Smith and the Gopher basketball team. At least that will be interesting.
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