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aageditch (US)

I'm a Wiscony boy and I love fishing for pretty much everything. I recently started targeting muskie for a good challenge and I am in search of a 50 incher or a 40" pike. Hopefully one will come this summer.

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Posted Mar 10, 2010 by aageditch (US)
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 Well it's official, the dates and room are set. My two brothers, a good buddy and I are headed to Cave Run Lake in KY for ski's! This is the first long distance we have all been on and we have had troubles sleeping the past week.

We leave next Tuesday and could not be more excited. I figured I'd let you northern guys know so you could dream about being on the trip with us where there won't be snow! Anyways, this should help the winter/spring lull pass quicker before open water hits. Hopefully we slay 'em and have a bunch of pictures to share when we get back!!!

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Mar 27,2015

The skin mount.

Mar 27,2015

Fat little Bass

Mar 27,2015

Tiger pike

Mar 27,2015

Pike # 2