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musky55 (CA)

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lucky dog

Posted Aug 4, 2009 by musky55 (CA)
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 Came home from work on friday, and the wife asked me to go look at a wooden rocking chair someone had out on the curb.
so I went and had a look,not bad must be 30/40 years old,
the seat aloan is about an inch and a half thick, needs some sanding but worth doing. anyways I digress I went to the door and asked if it was for the thrash, met this younger fella mid twenties
or so. asked about the chair and the answer was yea go ahead and take it. He then invited me in and told me if there was anything else I wanted go ahead and take it , as he just bought the place and was clearing all the stuff left out. well I looked around and saw 4 oil paintings so decided to take them, no I didn't get rich over nite they are old but not that old , will one day check them out when I have time. so I digress again, Stephan came back and said there is an old fishing motor in the basement if I wanted to see, well don't ask me twice. went don't and see this old 9.5 Johnson on a rack. took it home , put it in water and yes sir first pull it started like a charm, I know it's old but when you only have a Merc. 4.5 and can't out run the rain I'm very happy with thsi old 9.5 thats as smooth as my not so old Merc. just my 2 cents
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Clinton (posted Aug 5, 2009)
U lucky dog! My motor wont go a mile an hour and I need at least five pulles to start!
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