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Winkleman (US)

I love fishing! IF NY taxes don't kill me i'll fish forever!!!!

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Lucky Day on Cuba LAKE

Posted Jul 1, 2009 by Winkleman (US)
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 My brother in law was telling me about this bounty fishing on the net so i visited the site and then i was hooked. I joined bounty fishing and entered to compete that night. The next morning we decided to go to Cuba Lake and arrived and unloaded the boat at around eleven thirty,we were not on the water more than twenty minuets and the storm rolled in so we docked at Carpie's and waited the storm out. So when we headed out after the storm he said we are going straight to his honey hole, and a honey hole it was. We were fishing and about thirty minuets later he said wow look at the size of that carp, then he went crazy when he seen the largemouth swimming the other way toward one of the docks. Well he had his line in the water already, i said where i cant see him. The glare of the sun was keeping me from seeing it so i threw the line in the direction the bass was headed, Bang the largemouth heard the bait hit the water and came back for it. Needless to say i took that giant from his so called honey hole, Thanks Vandam for every thing. Thanks for getting me hooked!!!!!!!!!!
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vandam (posted Jul 9, 2009)
No problem Bro. i'll help you out whenever needed, even if it does cost me $500 big ones....... LOL!!!!!
abc801 (posted Jul 2, 2009)
Congrats on your win. Where in New York are you from ?
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