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DVanDamme (US)

I've been fishing since i was 3 years old. I try to fish everyday of the season.I'm really looking forward to becoming a pro

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Posted Feb 28, 2009 by DVanDamme (US)
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 I was camping with my family in the summer and thecampground and a very small pond.I had fished it for one day and caught little bass and bluegill here and there.Woke up the next morning and same thing as the last day, few here, few there. I quit for the rest of the afternoon. So I decided to try that night, i tried everything from spinnerbaits to crankbaits, I finally decided to put a white jighead with i white panfish rubber worm on. On my first cast, nothing. On my second cast, just jiggin slowly, bouncing it off the bottom.Finally I felt him bite, I stopped jiggeed once more, and that set the hook. I fought him for about five minutes, I got him out of the water and it was a monster. I ran up a hill to the campsite. As i was coming over the hill i sreamed I GOT HIM!!! I GOT HIM!!! It was a 5lbs 25in Largemouth Bass
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Igor (posted Feb 28, 2009)
and thats the beginning of the addiction..good job reminds me of times when I was a little Igor and catching a fish was a shot of adreniline and choas.. and just kept me looking for the next one...ADDICTION....hope they just get bigger ..jigheads by the way or the all time best can be tipped with a zillion things and can catch every kind of fish.learn the jighead and you will become a master angler.. gl and keep fishing
dragonslayer (posted Feb 28, 2009)
wtg, welcome to bounty!
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