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Fishing4Tails - Who is Greg Amiel

Posted Nov 24, 2009 by TracknTails (CA)
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 Let's see... First time I ever met Greg Amiel from Fishing4Tails was back in November of 2008 at a Walleye Tournament on the Bay of Quinte. My buddy Mike introduced me to Greg. It was a brief moment, maybe about 10-15 minutes at the most. Just a simple "Hi, nice to meet you, sorry that I caught more than you"hahaha - just kidding Greg

Who would know, that in 2009 I've probably fished well over 200hrs with him, and hope there will be more before the year is up.

Greg Amiel has shown me many techniques that one would probably take years to learn, and call it their program. Even though when I go out in my boat, I still like trying my own way of fishing, I always have a bit of Greg's program going on....

I'd have to say the best experience I had in 2009 so far was trolling for some Kings on Lake Ontario with Greg. There was a strong storm approaching and we knew we didn't have much time to fish that morning. I think we launched around 5:30am and got set up by about 6:00am. 2 riggers and 2 wires rods out the boat....I don't think there was 10 minutes that we were able to sit down and talk...I don't know exactly how many hits we had, but I can tell you that we had over 30 hits on both the riggers and the wire rods, and I know we landed approx. 25 Salmon...the storm finally hit us hard around 9:30am. . . .yes 9:30am and we saw the lighnting hit the lake about 1000yrds from the boat, Greg and I packed up as fast as we could, and while I was pulling rods out of the holders to lay them down in the boat, Greg was already on plane doing at least 30mph??? I could say that the rush from all the action from fishing those 3 plus hours were as intense as it was when we were running in to port to get out of the storms path. Oh yea, did I mention we only fished a bit over 3 hours....

I also had the pleasure of fishing a couple of Scotty Tournaments with Greg. That's when I saw the Greg Amiel of Fishing4Tails get down to business. I became so tense and too serious and almost forgot what fishing was really about. But when there is serious prizes at stake, you need to get serious, and still try to have a bit of fun. I'd have to say we did very well considering it was my only Salmon tournaments that I've ever fished. We took 2nd place in the first tournament we fished together, and took 3rd place on Big Fish Friday, and then also took biggest Salmon for all Scotty Tournamnets for 2009 in the second tournament we fished. So all in all we took in over $8,000 in cash and prizes. . . not too shabby in my books...actually it was amazing considering each tournament had over 30 boats....

I really thank Greg for asking me to be part of his "Team Fishing4Tails" in both those Scotty Tournaments. It was an experience that I will never forget.

All I can say, if anyone has the chance to fish with Greg Amiel, don't let it pass by. You'll regret it for ever. Greg has shown me Salmon, Walleye, Lakers, Smallie, Panfish, and many more. . .the experience and learning curve is amazing. . . .Even if fishing is tough that day out, Greg has some good knowledge and past experiences that he loves talking about and offers so much. I'm proud to call Greg Amiel my friend. He has a wonderful family that supports him and loves him, as he supports them and loves them as well.

Greg, Thank you for an outstanding year, I think you deserve a little bit of praise.

Thank you,
Arnaldo de Sousa
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Comments (8 comments)
Steve P
Steve P (posted Nov 26, 2009)
I'm one of the lucky one's had a great day fishing with Greg for Bass and shooten the breeze,a good dude!!!!and he's just getting started, you will be talking about him for years to come!!!Steve p.
fishing4tails (posted Nov 25, 2009)
wow....I got tears in my eyes....getting soft now. lol Thank you Arnaldo!!!! Talk about hardcore ...this guy Arnaldo is the most hardcore angler i have met to date..non harder!!!! Great angler , great tournament partner, great family guy, stand up friend!! love fishing with people who share a passion for fishing and the outdoors!!!
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Nov 25, 2009)
I cant wait to fish with you Arnaldo and Greg! Both Class acts!!! Mike :)
Landshark (posted Nov 25, 2009)
I ask myself what makes a good fisherman, PASSION. Greg has that without a doubt. Ive met Greg a few times. Although a few mutual friends tell me we need to fish together we have yet to be in the same boat.. Greg is a good dude with a wealth of knowledge.
FISHINMA (posted Nov 24, 2009)
Arnaldo you my friend are AWESOME to right this up about Greg! Just reading this make my feet itch even more to head North! I got the I gottas once I wish money was a bit looser just get's tighter. Greg and Sharyn are for real and I Dream to meet them and their kids to go fishin!! Super write Kiddo! Smiles Always! MA
musky55 (posted Nov 24, 2009)
Great comments boys always good to here good things out of people. I know what it's like, knew a charter fella when I was out in Toronto and fished with him a couple of outtings, after getting him a few charters he would call on me every year to skipper for him during the charter competions got to fish and have a good time meeting other people, Hey Lee if you ever read this thanks for the good times.
dragonslayer (posted Nov 24, 2009)
Simply put, Greg is both a first class fisherman and person. He is the real deal.
bassindow (posted Nov 24, 2009)
I don't know Greg but have heard alot of good things about him. And have got my butt whopped by him on the only specie that I have fished against him .....:) But what I do know is he is a top of the line fisherman. And if I ever get the chance to fish with him I will not pass it up ! Bassindow
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