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wayasayboyz (US)

A guy that loves fishing, and wishes for millions so I can do nothing but fish. Now hows that for a description. Maybe I'll thnk of something a little more original later.

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fishin says it all

Posted Mar 1, 2011 by wayasayboyz (US)
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 For a little while now, I really havnt had the time to fish.
And for different reasons my son/fishin partner hasnt had the interest to fish.
To make a long story short recently I got to fish with my father, we didnt catch much but it was pretty nice being with my dad.
And the first time in over a year, my son and I got together a went fishing.
I guess its safe to say that fishing sure can mend and save father and son relationships.
And guys I'll say this no matter how big the fish is, if you dont have anyone around it may as well be an empty hook.
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