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catchoftheday4you (US)

Six Rivers Northern California

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Drift boat..

Posted May 9, 2013 by catchoftheday4you (US)
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 I now no why every one that has a boat catch more fish. I Went with a buddy this last spring on my first drift down the Klamath. I have bank fished the Klamath for little over a year. I was exited to get on the water. I finally have the chance to fish the deep holes. I no there's some big fish in this river, so I prepared my gear and made a hefty lunch. We dropped the boat in about 6:30 a.m. . First I rigged a 8ft rod with a single red bead, bait Knot for some fresh roe, I cured for the trip. My second 8ft rod I tied a Panther Martin (black and gold) spinner. I also have a chance to try something that I picked up recently. I rigged up a 8ft rod with a tuna wrap plug. I hooked more fish then I ever had in one day. I landed a 9lb Steelhead on my tuna plug. I learned more about the Klamath river and were to find the biggies in one day. If you ever have a chance take a stroll down or around your local spot, with a boat you will be surprised what you will learn.
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