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Kenzola (US)

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Deep Sea Bachelor Party

Posted Aug 7, 2009 by Kenzola (US)
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 So one of my best friends is getting married and this past sunday we went deep sea fishing for his bachelor party! Hell why not, it looked like a beautiful day. So we get on the charter and start heading out of hampton harbor and noticed that the water was pretty choppy. As we get a couple miles out the waves started to pick up hardcore! We were going over 7, 8 foot waves just trying to get out to the fishing grounds. To bad there wasnt any strippers to watch try and stand up on heels haha jp. Once we get there we start catching some mackrel not to shabby but once the captain wanted to get going to catch some big o stripers he couldnt get the $1000 anchor up. The entire bachelor party was sitting there trying to play tug of war with the anchor to try and get it up. It wouldnt budge so finally after about 3 hours they decided to tie a bouey to the anchor, cut the line, and go scubba for it the next day. buh bye $1000 bucks. So we were off back to the dock at around 9 at night and noticed a extremely thick thick fog rolling in. When I say we couldn't see 10 feet in front of the boat that was even stretching it. We had to put a couple people on the bow of the ship with a giant spot light to listen for the bells on the day markers thats how thick this was...def didnt think we were getting into port anytime soon. Finally after another hour of driving through the thick fog we make it back to hampton harbor safe and sound....what a trip for no bass.... thank god I had my whiskey to keep me company...I think I will be sticking to least for a while
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floyd (posted Aug 31, 2009)
WOW buddy- glad you made back! That is EXACTLY how those football players in FL capsized their boat- only 1 guy out of 4 survived. Be careful on your spelling when refering to fishing and bachelor parties- stripper and striper are spelled a lot alike! LOL

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