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guideman (US)

This is me with 2 Tiger Bass caught in my private lake in S.C. I have fished Lake of the Woods, Ont., 51yrs. I lived in Ill. my whole life and moved to S.C. June, 2011. I had a home at Lake of the Ozarks for 17+ years, where I caught all species of fish.

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Canada 2014

Posted Aug 20, 2014 by guideman (US)
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 It has taken me a while to post my experiences from my 2014 Canada trip for this year because I have been SO busy being retired and basically enjoying my life. This year, my son and I took six of our South Carolina neighbors and fishermen buddies. I had feared that I might have oversold the lodge, facilities and fishing prior to them experiencing it ALL for themselves. I worried too much unnecessarily about nothing and for no reason! If anything, each and EVERY one of the guys said I did NOT do justice to the lodge and the total experience. Every one of them said it was a great trip and they will probably be going again next year! I have to state, up front, that they were very lucky and got totally spoiled as far as weather conditions were concerned. We had no rain any day and every day was in the mid 70's to 80's plus and we spent most of the time in shorts and tee shirts! The fishing was, JUST AS USUAL, beyond fantastic!!! The Crappie were on the beds, the Large and SMB's were all around us and catchable, the Pike and Musky were very aggressive and in huge numbers and the Walleye were available in numbers I haven't seen in 40 years! Nobody complained about any of the meals. In fact, they all raved about the quality and quantity of the food they were served at every meal! They loved the boats they had to use and they appreciated the personal tours and maps given to them by the lodge owner. The four newest guys hired guides for one day and LOVED the shore lunch experience they each received along with being taught the techniques for catching the fish at this time of year. Pictures from several of us are posted in my Canada 2014 album. Everybody really enjoyed the group of other guests at the lodge and several got together with one time strangers and actually went fishing together. We definitely left as good friends and will plan to get together next year. After returning and sharing their trip experiences with other S.C. residents, the word is spreading and I have guys (and girls) inquiring about next year and lining up to try it next spring! We will look forward to seeing who and how many actually join us in camp next year. You can bet the ranch that, God willing, my son and I will find ourselves at LOTW come next May! There is an invite out there for any Bounty members interested in joining this nice group and the lodge can be checked out on the NET at: If you are interested, space is very limited and you can contact me here at 843-815-6855, or if you call them direct, be sure to tell them you are doing so at my request. Because of the limiting space at times of the year, they try to accommodate me and my friends, as best and whenever they are able to do so.
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