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This is me with 2 Tiger Bass caught in my private lake in S.C. I have fished Lake of the Woods, Ont., 51yrs. I lived in Ill. my whole life and moved to S.C. June, 2011. I had a home at Lake of the Ozarks for 17+ years, where I caught all species of fish.

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Canada 2011 Adventures

Posted Jun 18, 2011 by guideman (US)
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 I have posted my Canada 2011 pictures already but I wanted to share one amazing experience my son and I had on this trip which then resulted in no pictures whatsoever. It was on the Wednesday evening shortly before 6 PM, which was our normal dinner time at the lodge. We had been slow trolling for Pike using rattletrap type lures around a weedy area just off of a reef which was well known to hold large fish on many occasions. We had caught a few small Pike and just as we were to shut down and head in for dinner, I felt a sharp jolt of a strike on my red and white lipless crank bait. As I was bringing in my small Pike, I noticed it was slowly spinning in large circles, pretty much on it's side and on it's back. The lure was very visible in it's mouth with at least one set of it's trebles dangling from one side. My son, Mike, then said that there was a HUGE dark shadow following the fish as it got closer to the boat. As the fish came into better view, we saw a GIANT Musky with its nose just touching the Pike as it spun it's way toward the boat. The musky seemed to be nudging the Pike on several occasions as if to try to get it to move or do something. Suddenly, the Pike sprung to life and dove in an arc away from the boat and the Musky. That was all the big fish seemed to need. With a flick of it's tail, the huge fish was ON that 18 inch pike making an exact tracking of the smaller fish and grabbed it crosswise in it's mouth. I was amazed that a fish that large could move so swiftly and mirror exactly the movements of a much smaller fish so precisely. Well, the 12 pound line started peeling from my reel and the drag was screaming so fast and hard, I honestly thought it would seize up at any second. I was so shocked at this action, I was barely able to hang on to my rod without having it pulled from my hands. I have no idea how much line the Musky took but once I came out of the initial shock of the strike and line ripping, I actually started to play the fish like I was supposed to. Since I had been trolling for Pike, I was using a medium heavy spinning rod and heavier spinning reel. I was then able to slowly pump the Musky up and bring it toward the surface. She surfaced about 20 or so yards from the boat and we saw that she still held the Pike cross wise in her mouth with no hooks even close to sticking into the Musky. The big fish dove and ran again going so fast, I was unable to back reel quick enough to keep up with it. The drag again kicked in and aside from me just barely avoiding a back reel overrun, I thought the drag might melt from the speed alone against it. Fortunately, everything still held together and continued to work fine. I again worked the fish up and this time, she headed directly at the boat, still holding the Pike cross wise in her mouth with no hooks in the Musky at all. Now, the Musky dove right under me at boat side, pulling my rod straight down with the tip just above the surface of the water. Suddenly, the pressure was gone! My rod straightened up and as quickly as it had begun, the Musky must have had enough. I'm guessing that when she dove under the boat, the big fish realized this little pike was not the one dragging her around in all different directions and she simply let go. I tried to twitch the Pike in the hopes the Musky might come back and try to eat it head first. It did not happen. My son and I both had several very good looks at this HUGE fish. I have caught a 52+ inch musky in the past and on this trip, had already landed a 44 incher. My son and I both guesstimated the length of this Musky at a very conservative 60+ inches, probably closer to 66 Inches. The Pike looked like a small minnow in it's mouth being held only by the middle. Aside from it's length, the girth on it was very big. I'm guessing this was a big female in a pre- spawn condition just getting ready to drop her eggs. This was EASILY the biggest fish I've ever had on my line that I saw and even had a chance to catch. While this was a very exciting and disappointing adventure at the same time, I was very happy to share it with my son. I hope you also enjoyed it, too.
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