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Some can call it CATCHING!

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Bait = Dinner! Recipe #1

Posted Jun 28, 2009 by BiteMe (US)
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 Long day on the water..
Had a blast catching eveything from reds to trout...
Catch and release!

Get home with no meat?

H!@% NO!

Don't pass up what you have in your bait bucket!

I have grown to know that if you pay for it you might as well eat it.

We all know that this day and age that if cost you money you better be able to put food on the table.
We like to fish-
We also like to EAT!

Coming from a large Italian American Family i love to fish, cook, fish, fish and cook.

With the way the economy is these days its hard to throw a game fish back in th water and not think that you could have just fed your whole family... But you can with my Bait= Dinner Recipe's!

I will show you a way that you can take the bait that you choose to catch the largest of aquatic species and prove that a "a Little Extra Virgin Olive Oil" can go a long way. I will start with a tradiltional Salt Water favorite..

Recipe#1- Smoked Mullet 2Hr
Serving Size= 4
8-12 8" Mullet
4 Tsb Old Bay
1 Stick Butter
2Tsb louisana hot sauce
2 cloves garlic
1/2 cup chopped cilantro

Prepare the charbroil grill with match light charcoal and 2 cups of marinated hickory chips. let the coals get to a bright amber and then put the hickory chip on the searing coal!

The NSB mullet have a wide head and i tall dorsal fin that can make the cleaning process easy. I prefer to freeze them with a little sea salt and garlic overnight and prepare them the next day.
Chop the head and draw a vshape cut on their belly side and remove the belly of the bait. Use a shears and cut the fin off the back off the mullet. Leave the skin on the bait so it protects it while it is in the grill. Mullet should look like a butterfly!
Rinse the mullet and lay on a 12 x 24 backing sheet. Take above seasoning and marinate the bait for 20 min.

Coals should be nice and Hot by now.
Take mullet and place on the sides of the grill away from the coals. You want to smoke the fish so Remember you are not BBQ them!
Let them smoke for 1 1/2Hrs. Always make sure to check the grill and make sure you dont ruin dinner. This can be made into a very nice dinner if you use your imagination a little bit..

While smoking the fish steam some rice and have a fresh salad prepared. The mullet is a prehistoric presentation so use the rice and greens to make the presentation taste better! This is one of many ways to feed the family during these hard times!
Happy Eats!
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