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Another Bald Eagle MURDERED!

Posted May 27, 2007 by tkishkape ()
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 As a part-blood Cherokee and full-blood American , I was apalled to discover the body of a young bald eagle floating in the river near my home. Someone had struck down the very symbol of our great Nation in my back yard.

I reported the find to the local Police Department and guarded the beautiful bird until a Deputy arrived. We carefully and respectfully placed the bird in the back of the Deputy's patrol car, then contacted the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) and made the sad report.

This was the third Bald Eagle to be killed in our area this year (2007). The shameful fact is that on the Black Market, the plumage and carcass of a Bald Eagle are worth thousands of dollars. The feathers, beak and claws are used in American Indian Ceremonial costumes, and are legally available under permit from the Department of the Interior and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

As Americans and concerned citizens, keep watch for the two-legged predators who would kill our Nation's Symbol for mere money. Do not fear to report such illegal activities. The sportsmen and women in the outdoors with a cellphone are the first line of defense.

Help SAVE AMERICA'S WILDLIFE one poacher at a time!
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dustyflair (posted Aug 6, 2007)
even touching or haressing birds of prey is a FEDERAL OFFENSE in the US. There's NO REASON...NO REASON for someone to kill a bird of prey...UNLESS your an uneducated, ignorant dumbass.
Ottawa_Guy (posted Jul 4, 2007)
As a Canadian nature enthusiast I second your motion to stop poaching of not just endangered species, but all illeagal fishing and hunting. Let's preserve what we have. At the same time enjoying the sports of being outdoors and catch and release fishing. Let's show our future generations what we had, in the years to come.
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