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MasterB (US)

"Fishing is the chance to wash one's soul with pure air. It brings meekness and inspiration, reduces our egoism, soothes our troubles and shames our wickedness. It is discipline in the equality of men--for all men are equal before fish."

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8lb Bass

Posted Jan 13, 2010 by MasterB (US)
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 Was fishing with my buddy Mike, we were both using a moss mouse fishing on top of Duckweed. There was a small ring of weeds about 3 feet off the bank from us. Mike fished all around the ring, I tossed the mouse through the ring and landed an 8lb 24" Largemouth Bass right in front of him. Bet he learns to fish the entire structure next time before I get there. :)
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FishingPictures (posted Oct 15, 2010)
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