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wooley (US)

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wooley (US)'s Profile > Stories > 22 in trout tournament

22 in trout tournament

Posted May 9, 2011 by wooley (US)
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 This ways my frist tourney . What a great time i had going after a 22 in . I fished everyday and caught alot of fish . Just not a 22in . On the last day i finely caught a 21 . 50 tt trout . I had just bought a new camera to do this . I dont know if it was me or the camera picture image was bad . I didnt know they where bad until i tryed to download them . What a bummer that was . Well need less to say camera went back . I want to thank Lorie for getting me in this . It sparked a new intrest in my son to go fishing again . THANKS LORIE ITS BEEN FUN . Live and learn it was still a great time .
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FISHINMA (posted May 9, 2011)
You're welcome Brent! Great that your son is the teens something to do instead vid games and troubles. Smiles Always~! MA

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