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ladyfish (US)

I'm an artist/welder. I travel selling my work at festivals around the country. I love to fish everywhere I go and get to fish for so many species in so many bodies of water. I have fished from lake erie to as far south as key west.

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  • bass on a truely dry fly
  • posted on May 14, 2008
  • I was emailing a bud and this story came up so i thought I'd share. It was one of those special moments. I have a favorite little spot at one of my stops up north. A small private farm pond that hardly gets fished. it covers over with lilly pads in...
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  • YEEHAWWW....... OH SH(**&^%*&*(!
  • posted on May 13, 2008
  • YEEHAWWW....... OH S(**&^%*&*(! (Ok, this a bit more of a boating safety story, but fun none the less.) Ever ask yerself why is it that YEEEHAWWWW is so often followed with an OH SH#@$%#$%!! Just the other day my buddy took me out on his little...
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Bam Fly

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7 LB. 3 OZ.

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October 11th

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October 11th