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jdebords (US)

I live by Lake Roosevelt in Eastern Washington. Hunting and Fishing is my life next to my family of course. I mainly target Walleye, Bass, Rainbow, and Kokanee if i'm not elk or deer hunting.

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  • $1000 down the drain
  • posted on Jul 11, 2007
  • I did not notice the tournment until midweek of week one. On Monday of week one I caught a 26.5 inch walleye and released it, not knowing it was a $1000 fish. Don't worry I am kicking myself everyday, And now I will start taking pictures of my catch, w...
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Mar 1,2015

5.4 lb speckle trout

Feb 25,2015

Iced carp

Feb 25,2015

Another pizza perch

Feb 25,2015

Hog perch