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Bassovision (US)

Bass fishing is my pastime and I'm looking forward in participating.

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  • 1st Smallmouth catch !
  • posted on Jun 8, 2010
  • My friend hpfisher and I were on a mission to catch our first smallmouth and picked Smith Mtn. Lake to make it happen. We are from North Carolina and know very little about the lake. I had the opportunity to speak to a local tournament fisherman and he me...
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  • Smallie Hunting
  • posted on Dec 3, 2009
  • Oh man what a trip, Me and John took some time off and went Smith Mountain Lake in October and had a blaster trying to figure out out how to catch a smallmouth bass. The weather was great geat on Friday but Saturday not so good. Friday the wind was bl...
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  • Next?
  • posted on Aug 31, 2009
  • All the members of Team Go Big have registered for bounty fishing now and are stepping up their game for the competition. T-Man, Super Tough and Luckybutt are going to have fun fishing together and trying to climb the leaderboard amoung ourselves and the...
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  • Team Go BIG!
  • posted on Aug 24, 2009
  • We are three friends who love to bass fish and only have only one thing we practice, go big or stay home. We're out to catch the biggest bass in the lake and have a lot of fun telling stories and talking junk while we're fishing. My son Tony, friend Joh...
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