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rangerboy (CA)

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Week 83
Crappie (BW) 16.32"

Tournament History
Tournament Statistics
Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Pan/Crappie 1 4 5 77.62" 5 $875
Walleye 1 1 1 31.79" 1 $250
Crappie (BW) 0 1 1 16.32" 1 $100
Totals 2 6 7 125.73" 7 $1,225
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.
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Comments (13 comments)
FISHINMA (posted Oct 26, 2009)
Congrats Kiddo! You guys were a hoot to watch on Sunday! SLAB HEAVEN! Smiles Always! MA
dustyflair (posted Aug 4, 2009)
look slike you and AW gonna have to quit fishing together on those private ponds...JJ...Good job!!!
FISHINMA (posted Aug 3, 2009)
Congrats Mike! You can even catch those Monster Slabs on liquid too!lol Smiles Always! MA
Steve P
Steve P (posted Aug 3, 2009)
Thats a prehistoric slab! good win!
Aaron Wiebe
Aaron Wiebe (posted Jul 20, 2009)
AdamCox (posted Jul 20, 2009)
Congrats, Nice eye!
KC (posted Jul 20, 2009)
That's a biiiig one! Congrats, WTG Mike.
FISHINMA (posted Aug 11, 2008)
Congrats on 4th! WOW you only needed .60" to take first! Amazing! Smiles Always! MA
FISHINMA (posted Feb 16, 2008)
And rangerboy Mike bumps the boards! Must not be as big as week 11...that was a super one!GL "MA" Smiles!
dustyflair (posted Oct 15, 2007)
You guys know those Specks get fat and the whites get LONG...Better hope I don't get to Grenada, Mississippi...Google it.
Aaron Wiebe
Aaron Wiebe (posted Oct 15, 2007)
You can't compete with White Crappies or whaaaaat?!?!?!
rainbow (posted Oct 9, 2007)
Welcome Mike, Aaron has some serious competition
dustyflair (posted Oct 9, 2007)
He comes out swinging in the Panfish division...Wonder where Aaron is?
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