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Clinton (US)

Cat and bass baby. Cat and bass.

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  • About Yourself
    I fish at every moment I can. Usually in the back yard.
  • Favorite species
    Catfish and Largemouth.
  • Most Memorable Fish
    My first fish was a two foot black cat. Been hooked ever since
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    To go to the Pacific and saltwater fish.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    I've got a date with a cute one tonite! I'll be back at whenever:30!
Comments (3 comments)
Walleyewonder (posted Sep 13, 2009)
Hey, thanks alot are you!!....Chris
Drewbugs (posted Aug 6, 2009)
Thanks for the help! People are also telling me to use fresh chicken liver, would that work to? I think the worm might work better.
Walleyewonder (posted Aug 6, 2009)
Thanks, there are much bigger there....I had a 6 or 7 pounder on last year but it staightened out my jig hook and I lost it at the side of the boat!!
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Mar 27,2015

The skin mount.

Mar 27,2015

Fat little Bass

Mar 27,2015

Tiger pike

Mar 27,2015

Pike # 2