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Waffles (US)

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Any Species (18" Slot) 17.75"

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  • About Yourself
    I'm Christopher John ****** Born and raised in ******, OH. When I actually got out to fish in my youth it was usually down by the old locks by the ole Erie canal near my home by the Historic town of ****, OH
  • Favorite species
    Catfish, Walleye, Tuna, Alligator Gar, bluegill (because if I ever just want to catch a fish no matter the size they are always there), Shad (good bate), Crayfish (good bate fun to catch),
  • Most Memorable Fish
    Caught a 28in Channel on a 1/0 circle hook with dough bate I made on the back of a docked house boat, using an old spinning reel with 6lb mono. What made it memorable was the fish wrapped the line in the prop of the lifted outboard motor on the boat next to me and I thought that was it nevertheless I climbed onto the boat next to me and unwrapped the line from the prop. How the fish did not break that 6lb test in beyond me. After around a 10 minute low drag struggle I got the Channel Cat onto the boat its top dorsal fin was half gone and it was missing one eye and when I released it jumped back out of the water and smacked against the boat XD
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Tuna fishing off the coast of Maine for a living.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    me - This whole company is BS...
    Manager - bla bla bla...
    me - Stop talking? I WILL NOT STOP TALKING, who are you to deny my first amendment right to free speech!? You managers are not doing your jobs! bla bla bla
    Manager - bla bla bla
    me - Don't worry about its not my job to think about it? This isn't the Army MAN! Ive witnessed you all screwing up for over 6 years. This is just as much my job as it is yours!
    manager - bla bla bla
    me - (making bird noises) acting skit-so.
    manager - dont do that.
    me - What are you a Dr. to? I have a slight case of AWWEEE STFU frania.
    After I kept going and was eventually terminated I went fishing and witnessed the best lightning storm Ive ever saw.
Comments (6 comments)
Waffles (posted Sep 14, 2013)
Ty caught it tonight as I was packing up to call it quits.
gomwitdawind (posted Sep 14, 2013)
Waffles (posted Sep 14, 2013)
guideman (posted Sep 12, 2013)
Welcome to Bounty! You will fit in with the rest of us fishing nuts!
Waffles (posted Sep 7, 2013)
gomwitdawind (posted Sep 7, 2013)
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