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vanny187 (CA)

Fish Hard Retard!!!

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Fishing profile
  • About Yourself
    I live and fish the beautiful fraser valley bc canada. and ive been fishing since i remember. I don't look the type i know but who says you have to look a certain way to be able fish and catch'em too!??? i mean i get to suntan at the same time right?? lol j/k
  • Favorite species
    Good Ole Rainbow Trout,
    No matter what mood your in, or whatever happen that day, or if I look terrible that day, or just feel under the weather, i know that there will always be a Rainbow there to make me feel all better!!!!
    Either that or they're just the fish out here. Never go home without em'
  • Most Memorable Fish
    Everyone knows this: the one that got away lol
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Road Trip fishing holiday where i drive for a long time over a period of days/weeks and fish atleast 1-2 places on the map known to have fish in em' and on the way home, never take the same way so you don't back track and get more coverage lol

    Oh Dream fishing trip, oooooooohhhh one that i haven't actually live out ??? Well thats easy: Arctic Char! I would love to go on trip up north to fish and eat some of these puppies i've only heard stories but they sound like my kinda fish!
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    Didn't use one, just got up and left and no one asked where i went cuz they already knew where to find me.
    I have a problem and i admit it okay lol
    I will pay you one(1) fish to keep your mouth shut if anyone asks where i went now cover my shift or you be haunted with fish heads, they will be everywhere, in your car, in your yard, your desk, u name it, they will find you!!! no im kidding i wouldn't do such a thing lol
Comments (9 comments)
Gmoney (posted Sep 22, 2009)
Beautiful fishergal!!And nice fish too....lolDig that profile avatar..
vanny187 (posted Sep 16, 2009)
gone fishing on the fraser for some pinks be back before dark i don't wont have another one those freaky trips back to the car in the pitch black. unless i manage to down some courage with a bottle of mateus lol just kiddin (kinda..)
vanny187 (posted Sep 15, 2009)
im going sturgeon fishing soon at the end of september wait till you see these prehistoric looking beasts!!! well most u probably already know what they look like but anyways i can't wait!!
WaveyDavey (posted Sep 10, 2009)
looks like you're fishing where I grew up, slay on!
Salmon (posted Sep 7, 2009)
Decent chinooks.. :)
FISHINMA (posted Sep 3, 2009)
Welcome AND WOW Vanny! Those biggy fish are awesome and your simply gorgeous kiddo! Smiles Always! MA
RippnLipz (posted Sep 3, 2009)
Get your self in a contest!
dragonslayer (posted Sep 3, 2009)
wow, welcome to bountyfishing!!!
BigBassBuster (posted Sep 3, 2009)
Nice fish!!
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