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troller8 (CA)

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  • About Yourself
    Full time professinal fisherman since 1987
  • Favorite species
    Atlantic salmon ,Tarpon,Muskies,Bonefish,Permit and Steelhead
  • Most Memorable Fish
    The last one that got away!!!
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Russian Atlantic salmon,Bc steelhead,and Giant Bluefin tuna
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    I need an excuse not to go fishing!!!
Comments (25 comments)
gomwitdawind (posted Mar 15, 2011)
ORNORTHWEST (posted Feb 10, 2011)
sorry about dowting you about if it was a coho or chinook but i just caught an identicle one were right my freind lied....cheers
Murari (posted Sep 12, 2010)
Hello Man. Nice to meet you here! Do you like trolling Fishing? In my album you can see some nice fishes from South America that we had by Trolling ;-) Best Regards! Diogo Brazil!
DaleHollowTroller (posted Feb 13, 2009)
Hey fellow troller,thanks for commenting,sweet pics on your profile....Dave
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Jan 24, 2009)
Hey Mike! How you doing buddy? This bay is freaking ridicolous! Mike :)
dragonslayer (posted Sep 29, 2008)
shana tova!
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Aug 4, 2008)
Hows the summer treating you Mike???? Where's MINE???? Mike :)
Steamboat (posted Mar 29, 2008)
I smell something fishy here!! Wait, I found it, it's a smoked fish wrapper.
teamtightline (posted Mar 12, 2008)
Thanks for the comment...the state is Arkansas on the White River below Bull Shoals Lake...
GitRDoneIke (posted Feb 12, 2008)
You got some nice fish!
almontefisher (posted Dec 31, 2007)
Yeah: That hole monster likes boots as well...What kind??? My buddy lost his Kamik down it last year..It was funny watching him skidoo home with one boot on...
FISHINMA (posted Dec 27, 2007)
THANX FOR ALL THE SUPER COMMENTS!! You have a great New Years! Try to stay vertical!lol okeey dokeey! "MA"
wvmusky (posted Dec 25, 2007)
Nice fish would love to head north one of these days.
FISHINMA (posted Dec 17, 2007)
HEY YOU!! Your's is still in my pond...come on down and show me how to catch the little devils!LOL "MA"
Aaron Wiebe
Aaron Wiebe (posted Sep 30, 2007)
pssssst the bounty is RIPE ;)
dragonslayer (posted Sep 20, 2007)
shana tova, bro. tashlich.
Steve P
Steve P (posted Sep 5, 2007)
thanks!!! it all seem to come together at the end !! i have been in fla my hole life but born in PA, i have to catch a musky !!!!! never had the chance to ,someday!!! awsome fish in your pics .good luck....
FISHHUNT2 (posted Jul 28, 2007)
get to fishing will you?
lceia (posted Jul 24, 2007)
Em PortugÃ&ord f;s is "obrigado&q uot; troleer , for big big tuna only in Gibraltar, now is god time.
fishforbass (posted Jul 23, 2007)
nice fish
koolwater (posted Jul 10, 2007)
Congrats on putting your clients on the 3 winning fish. I never even had a chance to fish for muskie, the temps hit the upper nineties and the jet skiis took over the lake (including me :) ) I don't think I could have beat a 51 inch plus anyway here in Illinois, so I'm glad I hit the waverunner for the weekend instead.
fishnfwl (posted Jul 8, 2007)
Message from: troller8 Sent : Jul 8, 2007 (02:31:32) You could have registered the shorty,no? No buddy, it was only right at 17" and on the lake we were fishing they have to be 17" to remove them, and it was just to close for comfort, I can do that...LOL altho it was VERY Tough I can tell you this, that fish was messured about 50 times I am totally blown away that therre is only 1 on the list... Take care, and good fishing. By the way why none from yourself?
FISHHUNT2 (posted Jul 5, 2007)
check the comments on the pink peeler
koolwater (posted Jul 4, 2007)
I'm gonna try this weekend for the muskie bounty, but living here in Illinois its going to be tough. I actually got a 48 incher the day before I found out about this site. Good luck to you too.
FISHHUNT1 (posted Jun 25, 2007)
i love big heavies troller
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