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My dad took me fishing a lot when I was very young and I fell in love with it. My brothers and I love fishing fresh or salt water it dosen't matter to us. We just like to be out on the water.

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Week 93
Largemouth Bass South 25.61"

Tournament History
Tournament Statistics
Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Largemouth Bass South 3 4 5 120.05" 5 $700
Largemouth Bass 0 1 1 24.61" 1 $200
Totals 3 5 6 144.66" 6 $900
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.
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Comments (25 comments)
Aaron Wiebe
Aaron Wiebe (posted Feb 2, 2010)
I'm also wondering how much that thing would weigh?!?! Sweet fish & photo & WIN!
DaleHollowTroller (posted Feb 2, 2010)
nice wins.....Wish I could compete
BigSexy (posted Feb 1, 2010)
Nice catch
FISHINMA (posted Feb 1, 2010)
HOLY COW! Must be football season! CONGRATS! Smiles Always! MA
GoldenBarz (posted Feb 1, 2010)
That is a pig! How much did that fish weigh?
dragonslayer (posted Feb 1, 2010)
nice win Jimmy!!
Soupy (posted Jan 30, 2010)
Nice to see you on top MONSTER
TwinStatesBassClub (posted Jan 28, 2010)
Please read, rate, and comment my stories. Thanks!
Steve P
Steve P (posted Sep 1, 2009)
Thanks jimmy!
FISHINMA (posted Jul 13, 2009)
Thanks kiddo! Geez those LM are fun! 1/3" between the money and me 9th place!WOW I'm still pleased as punch! Smiles Always MA
Steve P
Steve P (posted Jul 13, 2009)
Its a tough job but someone has to do it! thanks jimmy!
FISHINMA (posted Jul 13, 2009)
SWEETY!Congrats! Smiles Always! MA
DadeFishing (posted Jul 13, 2009)
Competition is getting tougher brother congrats
Steve P
Steve P (posted Jul 12, 2009)
Good win man !!!
DadeFishing (posted Jul 6, 2009)
OMG jImmY you are the breast bASS fisherman ever i love you, you are my idol, ill see you in the lake for the 500 tourney, DADEFISHING TEAM CLAIMS FIRST PLACE again
FISHINMA (posted Jul 6, 2009)
Kickin some Bounty Butt! Wahoo! Congrats Kiddo! Smiles Always! Ma
massman (posted Jul 5, 2009)
hey hope it holds good luck i will be fishing this week game on
floyd (posted Jul 5, 2009)
Geamny- looks like you're a lock- hope she stands- just a few hours left!!!
Steve P
Steve P (posted Jul 3, 2009)
Looks like were the ones to beat, we need to hold our ground (water) ! Good luck! steve p.
FISHINMA (posted Jun 10, 2009)
Thanks Kiddo! I must get bigger with you playin in the water this week!LOL GL to you too! Smiles Always! MA
BiteMe (posted Jun 8, 2009)
Nice Fish- Thanks and same to you!
FISHINMA (posted Jun 8, 2009)
Sweet Second just by .05"!WOW! Smiles Always! MA
massman (posted Jun 8, 2009)
congrats on your win
johnny19 (posted Jun 7, 2009)
good job on fishing sir and good luck on future tournaments
massman (posted Jun 4, 2009)
glad to see your still holding first just out trying to up grade good luck this week
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