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starrunner (US)

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Week 76
Largemouth Bass 17.75"

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Tournament Statistics
Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Largemouth Bass 0 0 0 17.75" 1 -
Totals 0 0 0 17.75" 1 -
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.
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Fishing profile
  • About Yourself
    My name is steve, I run xc and track used to play football and baseball. Now I am getting into golf. I have always loved to fish and always will.
  • Favorite species
    Largemouth Bass
  • Most Memorable Fish
    Monster bass that won me the 2009 Erie canal fishing derby for the bass category.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    In a tent or log cabin right next to a stream running into a lake right next to the cabin. No bugs there lol. A nice boat to fish from. And some of my best friends there.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    I have to go to work.
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Mar 27,2015

The skin mount.

Mar 27,2015

Fat little Bass

Mar 27,2015

Tiger pike

Mar 27,2015

Pike # 2