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Spoon (US)

16 year old fishing addict! looking for somone to take me out fishing for some big cats, eye's and bass, cuz we aint got squat in seattle :p P.S. MA and Mike, once i get my license in march you guys are on!

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  • About Yourself
    I live in western Washington State, and so the fishing pretty much sucks. i live right near Lake WIlderness and the Cedar River, so i catch a lot of trout, but i can only catch Largemouth in the summer because the water in the lake gets warmer. The biggest one i've ever cought was maybe 7 inches :p
  • Favorite species
    My favorite species (that I've caught), is probably Steelhead. No, I've never actually caught a memorable salmon......but Stealhead fight like crazy!
  • Most Memorable Fish
    One of my most memorable fish was an 18 inch rainbow that i pulled out of Lake WIlderness. Me and my friend were trolling around, and i told him to go to the end of the lake and around in there a few times. He said we wouldn't catch anything there because it was to shallow, and then pointed out that i waqs using a broken Super-Duper, and wouldn't catch anything. then i pullled that guy in :D
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    My dream fishing um...i don't really have one. But one day i would like to go fishing for Peacock bass or Tarpon.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    "Tom needs help on his car, then i have a date with Morgan". ironically the next week he needed me to jumpstart his car and then i took Morgan fishing!
Comments (11 comments)
FISHINMA (posted Jan 5, 2010)
Where o Where are you Kiddo??? You must check in!!!! Smiles Always! MA
KEVERS (posted Feb 17, 2009)
Sorry man that im like 5 months late on my reply, you asked what kind of fish i had in my pic and its a Burbot a fresh water cod
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Sep 18, 2008)
Few of the same but the ones I was most proud of!!! Mike :)
FISHINMA (posted Sep 11, 2008)
Glad your back hope you had a super time! To copy pics into on the URL under your pic, it will copy to the clipboard then go to where you want the pic posted and hit your Countrol and V. okeey doke!! Smiles Always! MA
Spoon (posted Sep 11, 2008)
yeah man. i do the racing though. going 75 down a ski hill is my thing :) but freestyle is awesome. i just can't do the moguls! we end up bombing the hill and clearing em all liek jumps.... lol. trees with cliffs are the best though ^^
Spoon (posted Sep 11, 2008)
HEY! sorry guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been off... hunting summer camps fishing hiking you know the works. I'm trying to keep up with you guys up here! but there arent any fish -_- well there are but u have to go lookin' for em.
Bowriverblog (posted Jul 24, 2008)
Ski Camp hey, Moguls are my specialty. I like moguls in with the trees and big jumps for good measure. Hopefully you hook into one of those monsters and take a few pictures for the record book. I wish we had Steel Head here in Alberta, I would never go to work !!! Keep fish'in and having fun in your youth, that's what it is all about Spoon man. Your canuck friend, Mike.
Bowriverblog (posted Jul 17, 2008)
Hey Kid-O, how's the fishin out your way these days ?? I hope you are reelin in the hoggs! Thanks for the friend add and the nice comments on my profile pic's. Much success to you my southern neighbor.
rainbow (posted Jul 7, 2008)
Thanks Spoon, Love the Winter Love the summer even More !!!
dragonslayer (posted Jul 7, 2008)
WELCOME TO BOUNTY..............
FISHINMA (posted Jun 25, 2008)
Hey Spoon THANKS for the nice comment! Welcome to Bounty! I had another Steelhead (FISHINMAS FIRST STEELHEAD) in my Spring Album. It was a pretty lil Female Native with awesome colors 26" inches. The natives don't fight like the planters!! GL Smiles Always!! MA
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