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sickfishin76 (US)

Let's just say I'm a guy that loves fishing.If I'm not fishing then I'm watching it on TV or playing my fishing game on my oldest daughters Gamecube or reading a fishing book or Mag.

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  • About Yourself
    I live in Philadelphia Pa in the inner city and grew up fishing in the delaware river as a kid and a teen watching guys like Jimmy Houston,Bill Dance on TV wish that I could fishing in place like these guys and catch more then just catfish and eels.At that time the river was very dirty at my end and there weren't to many species in there but today it is much cleaner and is loaded with Stripers,large and smallmouth,walleye ,perch,catfish and a few more species. But today I am able to fish in those places like the guys on TV and I am loving it. I joined the NAFC (North American Fishing Club) a couple of months ago and it was there that I saw the AD for this site so I joined and am now looking forward to competeing with you all in the upcoming fall tournaments. God bless
  • Favorite species
    I would say that my favorite species is the largemouth and smallmouth Bass. But I like to fish for just about any species fresh or saltwater .I live in Philadelphia Pa so I it only takes an hour to get to the ocean so I get to do alot of both salt and fresh I would have to say that my favorite saltwater species is probably the Blue fish (a good fighting fish)
  • Most Memorable Fish
    My most memorable fish would have to be a catfish I caught while fishing with my uncle as a child all I remember is that I was about 6yrs old and this fish was almost half as tall as me .
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    I would have to say that my dream trip would be to take a trip to Mexico to do some fishing on either Lake Mateos or Lake El Salto -The Angler's inn
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    I never really needed to make any excuses.
Comments (5 comments)
dragonslayer (posted Sep 11, 2008)
you are a complete fishhead - way to go
sherryTD (posted Dec 22, 2007)
merry christmas !!!! happy new year !!!
bassmasta1919 (posted Nov 6, 2007)
Thanks for he comment u gave me about my fish...u caught some nice bass too!
bass2525 (posted Oct 23, 2007)
thanks for the comment, my dream is to become a bassmaster when i grow up. i am joining a jr bass league next spring. your little girl is so cute.
sherryTD (posted Oct 23, 2007)
i like your photos...very cute young fisherman
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