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Shelbi (US)

I grew up in Utah fishing for perch, trout, & stinky carp. I now live in Louisiana trying to get out in the swamps. Don't get out as much as I would like, but when I do... I remember what life is all about.

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Week 109
Largemouth Bass Central 19.82"

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Tournament Statistics
Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Largemouth Bass Central 0 1 1 19.82" 1 $75
Totals 0 1 1 19.82" 1 $75
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.
Fishing profile
  • About Yourself
    I like trying new things and having fun. Fishing has been in my life since I was old enough to hold a pole and bait a hook. I won't turn down a day of fishing... even if its below 0. I prefer warm weather though.
  • Favorite species
    My mom would take us yellowbelly fishing and I would get so excited! Those are fun to catch, infact I think it was my first fish.
  • Most Memorable Fish
    The time I went with all the guys on a tuna fishing trip to San Diego. I caught a rock fish and a barracuda. Those are some crazy lookin fish!
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Where I can lay back, relax and not have to worry about my line getting tangled up. I hate that. I heard New Zealand has some good fishing and that it is beautiful. That would be AWESOME!
Comments (25 comments)
bone10 (posted Jan 27, 2014)
Hell, we're neighbors. I live in East Texas. You have my invitation to ride in my bass boat any time.
massman (posted Sep 10, 2010)
hey hows it going land any nice fish lately have a great weekend
 (posted Aug 2, 2010)
Shelbi - you won some beans !! So did I !!! Ready - Do it with me - The Cabbage Patch !! Rock on with our bad selves !!
Hosbogs (posted Aug 2, 2010)
Congrats on your 3rd place Bass Shelbi!!!!!!!!!
FISHINMA (posted Aug 1, 2010)
Shelbi (posted Jul 28, 2010)
Finally caught my first large mouth bass today!!! So happy! Thanks Nick (aka bassattttic) and fishinma!
FISHINMA (posted Jul 28, 2010)
RAH RAH ROCKIN THEM BOARDS! WAHOOEY SHELBERS! Your first bass caught this fine morning! LUVS MA
kneedeep (posted Apr 25, 2010)
Hey Shelbi welcome to La.You prolly know by now fishing is only second to eating you enjoy all La. has to offer outdoorwise...and get out to the Jazz-Fess,have a little crawfish ettouffe',then head out to the "Island"to do some speck fishing.If you need a "honeyhole map",hit me up.
lceia (posted Mar 26, 2010)
well cam to portugal, here every sing is good, the sun, the fish, the food etc....
FISHINMA (posted Nov 8, 2009)
WAHOOEY ALL SIGNED UP! See ya tomorrow Shelbs! Smiley! MA
thehotspot (posted Oct 10, 2009)
you said you won't turn down a day of fishing, then what up I'll take you.
FISHINMA (posted Jun 23, 2009)
Shelbs! Better watch them boards this week! Utah is gonna kick some Bounty LM bummy!!lol Smiley! LOVE and MISS YA! MAMA
Mari (posted Jun 8, 2009)
I heading out to NYC for a bit you should come along for the weekend,,,, LOL it is a little crazy but fun!
FISHINMA (posted May 21, 2009)
Hey Shelbs what you doing for the Holiday?? We're heading up to the Narrows for a fun filled adventure!! And hopefully a HUGE walleye! Love YA MA
FISHINMA (posted May 15, 2009)
Yes you can sign up! Make sure you do it by Saturday if you fish Sunday!! Then Bounty will generate your Sunday Bounty Code which you can get Sunday morning before you go fishing!K GL Go get em BIG!! Smiles! MA
FISHINMA (posted May 11, 2009)
Hey Shelbs why aren't you signed up for them Reds!!??? Smiley!MAMA
FISHINMA (posted Apr 25, 2009)
LMAO! That's about par for my course too kiddo!!! Now you know where and how to catch Reds for the next tourney! Where's the pics with your Red?? Smiley! MA
FISHINMA (posted Apr 22, 2009)
Shelbs you WILL kick my butt!! In no time you'll have your honey holes!...AND your MONSTER fishies in some species kick Utah's hands down!! Be patient and remember HAVE FUN!! Smiles Always! MOM
dustyflair (posted Apr 22, 2009)
I have a buddy who has a fishing tv show in New Orleans. When your mom comes to Louisiana, let me know and I will get him to hook you guys up on a fishing trip for no cost (I hope) or near no costs.
dustyflair (posted Apr 22, 2009)
dustyflair (posted Apr 20, 2009)
What species are you competing in this week? If it's crappie, you better just come on up here and let ya boy how you where they are.
FISHINMA (posted Apr 17, 2009)
Hey kid goodluck this weekend!! Go catch a MONSTER!! Love Ya! MA
Steve P
Steve P (posted Apr 15, 2009)
Thanks! you to ....
 (posted Apr 11, 2009)
bassattttic (posted Mar 31, 2009)
Hey there cuz its about time you joined your mom on the site. you need to get your ass off the couch and and post some pictures of whatever you have to catch down there. I guess i cant say much i dont have much of a profile either. anyway good to see ya oh by the way how goes the picture takin haha had to give ya shit your mother made me. talk to ya later.
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