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shannag (US)

I think the Ugly Stik TV commercials are hilarious but I love that my husband loves to fish! What better hobby is there??? Spending time on the water is so scerene - that is until you hook a monster!!! WooHoo!!!

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Week 179
Largemouth Bass South 21.52"

Tournament History
Tournament Statistics
Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Largemouth Bass South 0 4 12 107.77" 23 $150
Sea Trout 0 3 4 73.19" 4 -
Crappie (BW) 0 1 1 24.25" 2 -
All Trout Slot (22") 0 3 4 87.82" 5 $65
Totals 0 11 21 293.03" 34 $215
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.
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Comments (15 comments)
johng (posted Apr 23, 2012)
nice job on the tourney sweet stuff!
Steve P
Steve P (posted Feb 10, 2012)
Nice win Shanna!!!
FISHINMA (posted Feb 6, 2012)
Wahoo! You too!! Us girlies ROCKIN the house on that one! We might have to frame and rub it in where it counts!!LMAO! Always with a smiley! MA
slicky (posted Jun 6, 2011)
Nice fish!
FISHINMA (posted May 9, 2011)
Thank you Shanna! OMG! I didn't even notice your sweet trout! You are such a beautiful gal! Smiles Always!MA Lori
FISHINMA (posted Jun 29, 2010)
Thanks Kiddo! GL to you too! Go get em! Smiley! MA
FISHINMA (posted Apr 30, 2010)
Ya I know what your talkin about! My Steelhead trip was less than expected...because of mother nature. Really strange weather and I got snow in forcast all weekend!!! I don't get snow in April....let alone May in my area!! So when is the wedding? Smiles Always! Lori
FISHINMA (posted Apr 22, 2010)
Good luck! I won't beable to see the results until Tuesday! Smiles Always! MA
FISHINMA (posted Oct 20, 2009)
That's a heck of a fishin partner you got!...So when are you signin up for a tourney kiddo?? You got the gear for sure! Smiles Always! MA
bigdog007 (posted Sep 22, 2009)
OK Johng stop with the beer's and start fishing, She,s killing you. but that is a big one you posted Aug 7. You all keep it up. Bigdog007 Hit me back
ridney (posted Sep 16, 2009)
we're all hooked!! keep sending the pics!! good luck! rod.
 (posted Aug 27, 2009)
Welcome to BF!!!!!
johng (posted Aug 7, 2009)
youre a keeper !
dragonslayer (posted Aug 6, 2009)
welcome to bountyfishing!!!!
FISHINMA (posted Aug 5, 2009)
Welcome to Bounty Shannad! You caught your first with one of the best!! Good Luck! Smiles Always! MA
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