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sexyfisher (GB)

How well can you read a person? Here is a little trial for ya. Get My Description from my PIC? xoxoxo Spunky Nuara.

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  • About Yourself
    I am a SPUNKY Nuara lol... If you know what i mean. I'd like fishing alot I am single and I'd like to meet a really fisher man that can fish on me lol...

    From Reading England and i got to know about this site from a pal in the U.S
    My #1 hobby is fishing and Camping, Cooking, Reading and hanging out with friends.

    Nothing really much to say my mouth is tied. Anyways, I am around the corner in case you want to say Hi....
  • Favorite species
    I just fish.
  • Most Memorable Fish
    I many memorable fishing experience.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    My dream dream dream. Huh.. I really want to go fish in the U.S and Australa. And would need the invitation from someone to over there.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    Opps! This is really Kewl... I was to go fishing with my friends and this is a new spot so, I had to told my fam that is have an interview to go and that I really don't know what time I will return lol..........

    I am not a liar... I just love fish lol
Comments (25 comments)
Murari (posted Nov 14, 2012)
You're welcome to South America to try the Peacockbass from Amazon. Beste Regards from Brazil!
joey27 (posted Jan 24, 2010)
Welcome to Bounty!!
 (posted Sep 2, 2009)
Have you seen the new hunting/fishing website. You can post hunting/fishing stories directly to the homepage Also, they are giving away a $500 prize and $100 prizes for the best hunting or fishing story. Check it out and let me know what you think. It is FREE, just sign in and post a story and photo. Tell your friends.
mom (posted Jul 2, 2009)
well u are a good fisher girl goood m luck
mom (posted Jul 2, 2009)
hw much is fishing linces i got a waring thank god i woukd of got three hundrred doller fine
bassattttic (posted Apr 27, 2009)
Hey welcome to bounty!
 (posted Apr 20, 2009)
Melton - you have a good nose brother .... I didnt lose a nickel but damn - I thought those scams were just scare tactics to get USA ppl to smarten up !!!!
 (posted Apr 20, 2009)
Beware guys - this one will "need a favor sometime" and guess what - it was the old, Ill send you $15,000 check if you send me a money order for $12500 at the same time ... yup the check will bounce and your not makin $2500 .... Be sooooo aware.
Melton (posted Mar 18, 2009)
you look like and internet scam waiting to happen to me if you want to fish the US just come over
TeamTailchaser (posted Feb 13, 2009)
You obviously LOVE to FISH!
 (posted Jan 26, 2009)
Looks like your a serious fisherman too! i feel it would be a disservice not to let you know about this. I recently checked out and i was amazed how much better it is! Its a BRAND NEW online fishing tournament website that allows you to fish against anglers from your region. That just makes much more sense! i signed up for free and i am already discussing my game plan with other anglers from my area. You can even get recent updates on where the fish are in your area. I hope to see you on the leaderboard and good luck!
natebland (posted Jan 14, 2009)
i think im in love, come to canada
mikelap (posted Oct 24, 2008)
I think you found your fisherman,great pics
fishingBROS (posted Aug 21, 2008)
sexy fisher talk to me fishing bros
Spoon (posted Jun 23, 2008)
dude who knew. hot girls that fish :D i took my girlfriend fishing once............... you all know how that went
Gaston (posted Jun 14, 2008)
hey if your in port aransas texas july 3rd starts our deep sea roundup tourny. i would be more than happy to take you out.
FISHHUNT2 (posted May 21, 2008)
If you happen to be in Illinois, look me up. I'll take you fishing anytime.
jzilla (posted Apr 15, 2008)
Hi, wow never thought a fish catcher woul look that good ;). Anywho have you had any interesting fishing stories lately? Have a good one TightLines everyone! JR
fishingod (posted Mar 13, 2008)
dear god you have the most viewed page on the entire site. I see why now though lol.
 (posted Mar 6, 2008)
Come on down to Texas I'm invitin' ya. I'll show ya a good time.
UncleTout01 (posted Feb 16, 2008)
if you ever get to Texas i will be happy to show you around the Galveston Bay Complex as well as Matagorda bays, we have great fishing year round......
JRScull (posted Jan 25, 2008)
South Texas is where its at. come on down.
troutwhisperer (posted Dec 27, 2007)
so whose boat are you on in these photos........thanks trout whisperer
RatRodThug (posted Nov 26, 2007)
How about some Florida Bass fishing..??
Badgermilk28 (posted Nov 8, 2007)
Anytime you feel like visiting Minnesota for some Muskie and Pike action, the invitation is open. Welcome to Bounty!!
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