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Scott89f (US)

Wow, 2009 already! Looking to hit the rivers and Lake Erie for sure for those big Steelie's! THe fishing has been pretty slow this year so far with not having any water in the rivers. It's getting better. I'll keep everyone posted.

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  • About Yourself
    2009 BAss fishing was great this year! A lot of fish caught but none dead. That's what makes fishing fun!
    2009 Steelhead fishing is underway now!!! Bout time!!! 7 on my first day but shooting for my record from last year of 500 for the season!!! LAst year was only 362, but didn't make the effort I could have.
  • Favorite species
    Big Bass and Steelhead !!!! What a Combo.
  • Most Memorable Fish
    All of them!! Just getting out and spending time fishing and spending time with children showing them the sport of fishing.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    A BASS fishing trip in Florida would be awesome.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    Uh, I need to run out for a bit with my buddy!
    He found this new place to fish, and we are just going to go check it out.

    ((Of course we take the poles!!)) What did you think?
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FishinMagician (posted May 7, 2009)
Hey Scott! How has fishin been? The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Wildlife stocked steelhead trout in the Vermilion River on May 1, 2009.
 (posted Jan 26, 2009)
Looks like your a serious fisherman too! i feel it would be a disservice not to let you know about this. I recently checked out and i was amazed how much better it is! Its a BRAND NEW online fishing tournament website that allows you to fish against anglers from your region. That just makes much more sense! i signed up for free and i am already discussing my game plan with other anglers from my area. You can even get recent updates on where the fish are in your area. I hope to see you on the leaderboard and good luck!
DaleHollowTroller (posted Nov 3, 2008)
bass2525 (posted Jun 2, 2008)
great fish!
FISHINMA (posted Mar 16, 2008)
Hey! I'm with ya on the crazy drivers in the snow! I made $40 bucks one night after work pullin silly drivers out of ditches...$10 bucks a pop! I don't charge the old ladies though...just the kids that zip past me then slip off the road!!lol Where is Spring? Might have to have Easter egg hunt indoors this year! "MA" Smiles Always!
FISHINMA (posted Mar 11, 2008)
Hey Scott! Sorry I never noticed you before now! I think you've been hiding!!lol Super Steely pics and love your most memorable fish story! I'm new at them and look forward to April when I can take the run with them!! OHIO You guys just got plastered over weekend!! Sorry to send it to ya!LOL But I was sick of it! Spring feaver today WAHOO!!! Love to see ya break that bounty record! "MA" Smiles in North Utah!!!
Rebel5 (posted Mar 8, 2008)
love you getting your kids into fishing got a 6 month old boy cant wait to get him out!!!
FishinMagician (posted Dec 4, 2007)
Nice pics! Its never to cold to fish. Go Bucks!
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