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Russ (CA)

I am from Belleville Ontario, Home of Big Walleye. Love to get out a fish for them. As well as Bass,Pike. Got 2 kids , they love to fish as well.

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  • About Yourself
    I'm a long haul transport driver and have 2 great kids , I like to get outside . I also enjoy working around the house.
  • Favorite species
    Bass, Pike, Walleye,
  • Most Memorable Fish
    I don't really have a memorable fish but, I do have a fishing hole I go to where ,at the right time I can catch a 3 to 5 lb Bass on every cast.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    To see the look on my kids faces the first time they catch their first big fish...........and

    To fish giant Bass in Mexico, and to catch 200 Walleye in one day from the lakes of northern Ontario's Lac Seul region. Can't forget river fishing in Alaska.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    Got gas, gotta go.
Comments (22 comments)
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Oct 17, 2009)
Take that boy fishing and teach him to out fish his Uncle GENE and DADDY! Hope all is well, have to try to get together sometime. Mike :)
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Dec 13, 2008)
It will be safe and I have room for both you guys in the hut! Im going to stay on top of the fish this winter!!!!!!!!! I need to go fishing its been a week!!!!!!! mike :)
FISHINMA (posted Oct 19, 2008)
Hey kiddo! Best get signed up!!! It's almost ready set go! Smiles! MA
FISHINMA (posted Jul 16, 2008)
Thanks Russ!! It was a great day and I'm glad it's over....back to fishin!lol Smiles Always! MA
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Jul 15, 2008)
YOU SIGNING UP FOR BASS COMON I KNOW YOU"VE BEEN CATCHING THEM FOR MONTHS YOU SHOULD KNOW THE HOT SPOTS! Just playing with ya but serious I want to hit the Salmon river I think it is stacked with some nice ones plus the quarry seems to at least cough up a 4lb everytime! If you got time and got noone to go with give me a call will split on gas and buy timmys! 613-962-2615 Mike :)
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Jun 25, 2008)
Hey Russ Missed your email and I was out with my PA at 6am after a long night at the hip concert HUNG OVER FISHING!!!! It was a good morning though for me, caught 6 in no time and Grandpa got 2, I'd say my 3 foot floro diffently helped because he had the same presentation at the same depth..... Hope you have a great camping trip! Mike :)
BigGene (posted Jun 18, 2008)
Ok no problem, wish you had mentioned that before but that's cool, Skevy will likely lend me his boat
BigGene (posted Jun 17, 2008)
I'm signed up for the whole week of walleye from 30June till July 6th I gather you'll lend me the boat, may share some prize money. Hehe
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Jun 15, 2008)
Eyes were on good at pointe anne went like 2-20! Couldnt keep the little buggers on but I also got a 4lb LM trolling a dearie had a huge gash in its side from a pike I think! AGrandpa got 4 biggest eye was 20" and he also caught a 9lb sheephead. Mike :)
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Jun 14, 2008)
Thanks for the outting today Russ. Bust or no Bust we gave er every lure we had! Going to hit pointe anne in the morning, have a great father's day! Bass ON! Mike :)
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Jun 13, 2008)
PS add me to your friend list buddy! Were bass buddys AHAHAH! Mike :)
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Jun 13, 2008)
I agree the Big O holds much bigger fish this time of year! I will talk to my bros can Gene tow 2 or is it just your van maybe we team up as brothers one day 2 guys on the bay and 2 guys on lake O then turn around and switch for another day! My brothers boat is hooked up with two Scotty rod holders so some planer boards can be run plus I have 2 offshore boards and know lotsa hot lures!!!!!! We will have to get this figured out soon its coming faster then we think! Hopefully Gene calls me tonight and we will discuss some details! Either way Im pumped! Mike :)
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Jun 12, 2008)
Dont stir Musky mike up he's been sleeping since the last years tournies and he is on prime water LOL! I caught 4 bass tonight on top water dingers no way those ones were SPAWNING LMAO!!!! Lake ontario sounds fun my bros has a 16 footer just no vechile to tow!!!!! Mike :)
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Jun 11, 2008)
LOL I got one bag 2 rods and a craving to catch 10 # plus eyes!!! Hurry up fall~! No I got some spots that have produced in the past we will get some nice ones if we put the time in! It's like hitting the lottery on the bay in the summer to get sumthing 25" plus but they are there not many believe but I know we got a 31" in July 4 years ago guys down in behind Shitwreck Island! Last years big one in the heat was almost 26"! Just gotta cover alot of ground but more into pin pointing the hot spots! We will do the best we can do right! Mike ;) Mike :)
BigGene (posted Jun 1, 2008)
I'm good for the 3 of us fishing together, just have to get Russ to leave behind the 2000lbs of equipment he drags with him hehe
FISHINMA (posted May 31, 2008)
Hey Russ welcome to Bounty! Thanks for the comment! Yep those carp are a blast in the rubby raft! My 9 yr old son and I have a super time. I use nightcrawlers.... corn is illegal in Utah. GL and take those kids out! Smiles Always! MA
LooseDragMcgoo (posted May 29, 2008)
or we could all fish together one day!!!!! more knowledge = more fish!!! or is it more rods = more fish??? love to do at least one day that week with yas! Mike:)
BigGene (posted May 26, 2008)
Hi, will have to wait and see what mike is doing for sure, he asked first, and I had asked you on the 16th, but of course I'll fish with you if Mike decides to fish with someone else.
LooseDragMcgoo (posted May 18, 2008)
TY! Good to see another quinte fella!!!! I like BASS PICS 2!!!!
BigGene (posted May 16, 2008)
week 32 is walleye going to buy in?
bassindow (posted May 12, 2008)
thanks for the comment. yes i cant complain with the way this year has started!bass fishing is good all year round here in florida with no closed seasons!!!got to love that!welcome to BOUNTY and look forward to seeing you on the score board pete (bassindow)
dragonslayer (posted Apr 17, 2008)
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