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My name is Mark and I live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I love living here because there are many oportunities to fish many different types of water and fish. Feel free to ask me about the fishing here in Myrtle Beach. FISH ON!

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  • About Yourself
    I am an licensed electrical contractor in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and I work for my father's company which is Myrtle Beach Electric. You can visit our website at and see some of the work we do and some of the fishing photos we have taken on our "events". We make it a point to take a deep sea charter at least once a year. I love living in the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina because we have the chance to fish many different types of water including everything from salt water and brackish to river and pond fresh water. I have lived here for about 6 years and continue to enjoy learning how to fish these areas.
  • Favorite species
    My favorite species is the spottail channel bass or red drum. These fish are a great fighter and the coast of South Carolina is a wondeful place to fish them. January and Febuary will find these fish schooling inshore and that's when I take a short ride to Georgetown to meet with Captain Tommy, a fishing guide, for a great time fishing these big game fish. Many people even fly fish them for added excotement. I haven't tried it yet but they say there is nothing like fighting one of these big boys on a fly setup.
  • Most Memorable Fish
    My most memorable fish came in summer 2006. I was fishing from 2nd Avenue Pier in Myrtle Beach right off the end of the pier. When I arrived many of the fishermen were sitting around and making comments about how slow the fishing had become. I set my rig up. I was using a Carolina setup usually used for surf fishing which was a 10 foot poll and double hook rig. For bait I was using cut mullet that I had caught the previous year by cast net. I threw my line in and on the first cast BAM pulled in a nice 7lb Flounder. What a lot of commotion that caused! It was officially weighed in, photgraphed and logged for the Grand Strand Fishing Rodeo tourney that takes place here automatically. I received a shoulder patch and magazine recognition for a great local catch. I didn't win anything on the tounament as I was trumped by an 8lb flounder caught on the same pier later in the season but what an exciting catch!
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    I would like to go to Thailand and do some off shore fishing there. I understand that that area is unbelivable. The combination of a foriegn trip and some good fishing would be excellent.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    I never really gave an excuse to go fishing, I just go.
Comments (4 comments)
FISHINMA (posted Sep 16, 2008)
Hey Mark thanks for the nice comments! I enjoyed your story!!! Smiles Always! MA
upstatebass (posted Jul 21, 2008)
I grew up idolizeing this guy, funny stuff. Still think he's awesome!!
 (posted Mar 7, 2008)
Cool pic!!
RaiderNation (posted Feb 5, 2008)
Bill Dance loves to break rods now doesnt he...too funny
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