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MTLFishn (CA)

Hello EVERYONE! My name is Dan Dc , Loved fishing ever since I was a little boy at around 7 years old and caught my first fish the beautiful PERCH :)

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  • About Yourself
    Hello fellow fishermen my name is Daniel Di Cintio ive been fishing since an early age of seven with my father. I am 16 years old not that many kids my age fish and I am very proud to be those few. I usually fish on the shorelines of the RDP River with my Buddies Brandon, Fabrizio,Joseph and Vince we have amazing times spent at the local fishing hole even if we go home with no fish it is still amazing.
  • Favorite species
  • Most Memorable Fish
    5 pound Freshwater Drum on RDP River.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Road trip with my fishn buddies around Quebec and Ontario!
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    I have nothing else to, stop bothering me fishing is my life.
Comments (12 comments)
MTLFishn (posted Jun 19, 2009)
people please give my stories some feed back i know their worth reading;)
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Jun 18, 2009)
TY ! Bay of Quinte WALLEYE ! Huge in the fall! Mike :)
Drinka (posted May 11, 2009)
Great deal whats better than fishing from tailgait of the truck listening to old school music!!! Of course with a Budweiser or two.. on the side!!
pikeman93 (posted Jan 27, 2009)
daniel read my new will probobly remember that day and you were in the water together and i almost pulled in a beast with that blue fox that vincesn'ts cousin got stuck in a tree lol
LooseDragMcgoo (posted Jan 26, 2009)
Welcome to bounty! Mike :)
pikeman93 (posted Jan 26, 2009)
Ciao Dan!! Can't wait until April!
MTLFishn (posted Jan 26, 2009)
lucky you man.
floyd (posted Jan 25, 2009)
Dan- hell yea I like P Floyd! Floyd is my last name- my nickname forever has been Pink or Randal Pink ala "Dazed and Confused".. Tight Lines- Pink
MTLFishn (posted Jan 15, 2009)
hey man
massman (posted Jan 15, 2009)
MTLFishn (posted Jan 14, 2009)
Same here man.
dragonslayer (posted Jan 14, 2009)
welcome to bountyfishing!!!! nice to see a fellow mtl'er!
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