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MTfishingrods (US)

The only thing I like to do more than building my custom rods is fishing with my son Alex. Unfortunately, but lucky for everyone else here he isnt old enough to compete on this site. But I will still post his pictures up for all to see.

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  • About Yourself
    I live in Seeley Lake Montana. I build custom Fishing Rods and Tackle and fish and hunt. Thats all! Life revolves around doing this and spending time with my son while doing it.
  • Favorite species
    My favorite species would have to be Pike.
  • Most Memorable Fish
    Summer of 08 when my 10 year old son Alex hooked and landed a 12.6lb Pike on the last cast of the day on what was an otherwise an unproductive day of fishing with me and his grandfather.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    A Canadian Pike fishing trip with My son and Father for monster Pike.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    To convince a contractor to use our HVAC company back when I was in sales for a large Heating contractor in our area. The Contracor had already decided to use our company but we both just wanted to go fishing.
Comments (14 comments)
Fixy (posted Jan 27, 2010)
Hey nice to see other Montana boys on here. Hows fishing down there in Seeley Lake?
MTfishingrods (posted Oct 11, 2009)
Didnt stop us from fishing though did it. Amazing what ya can row a boat around a lake with when you really want to fish.
JessC1000 (posted Sep 3, 2009)
I've heard of being up a creek without a paddle. But I've now experienced being across the lake without an oar. Good times! LOL. See ya Sunday! :)
KEVERS (posted May 8, 2009)
MTfishingrods, sorry im so late on getting back to you, yes it airs again in july, but if you wanna watch it now, go to Click on Television at the top, then click on watch realfishing episodes, then click 2009, then click on springtime fishing. Im the first 15 minutes of the show. Enjoy Kaylan
JessC1000 (posted Apr 28, 2009)
I am registered for it now. :) Congrats on being the first boat on Seeley this year! LOL Wish I'd been there fishing instead of home dying on the couch!
JessC1000 (posted Apr 27, 2009)
Let me know when/where I need to sign up. I'm in. Hope you week is good! Smack Jason and Joe for me when you see them! LOL!
LilDrgn (posted Apr 11, 2009)
Welcome MT. Good to see a fellow rodbuilder here.
MTfishingrods (posted Mar 20, 2009)
Hey there Ma. Thanks for the welcome. Actually Alex was all smiles that day. He was just getting a bit cold. I wanted him to wipe the snow off before the picture but he won that fight. LOL. Where were you born in MT?
FISHINMA (posted Mar 19, 2009)
I think my nose was itchin! Someone was talkin about where I was born..MONTANA! Welcome to Bounty MT!!!>>> Looks like we gotta us a pike contender for team tourneys! GL and get Alex to smile in that FREEZY up there!lol Smiles Always! MA
dragonslayer (posted Mar 19, 2009)
Nice! Trout heaven under big sky'! keep an eye out in the ice!!!
MTfishingrods (posted Mar 18, 2009)
I am in Seeley Lake Montana. I fish pretty much anywhere in Northwest Montana. But the Crappie fishing is pretty slim pickings here, and nothing else looks like it exists yet since we are in the North Zone for Bass. Doing a lot of Pike fishing through the Ice right now.
dragonslayer (posted Mar 17, 2009)
where are you located?
MTfishingrods (posted Mar 17, 2009)
Thanks dragonslayer. Just found this site. Looks like a great one. Look forward to fishing some tourneys this summer, but there are none in my area yet. Im in the frozen wasteland still.
dragonslayer (posted Mar 10, 2009)
welcome to bountyfishing!!!
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