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Hey Everybody, real name is Mike. I'm from Oshawa Ontario and I love to fish for largemouth's here in Ontario, pike, carp, and panfish are other species that I catch from time to time however, a trophy bass is prized IMO. Tight lines, MTBF

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    Large mouth bass are the best species in freshwater. There strong, aggressive and well my favorite fish to catch, deep or shallow they are some of the best fighters around!
  • Most Memorable Fish
    My most memorable catch would be up on Lake Seymour here in Ontario a few weeks back in the end of August. I was fishing off a dock early morning, I'm talking 5:30, was cool and quiet. I was throwing a Rapala Skitter pop(2") out to a old busted up dock, with a small rock pile just off to the side of it. After making noise from walking onto the dock I took a cast out to the spot and within 1 twitch I saw a big bass swign at the bait eating it. My line went out and with no waiting I set the hook, then this beast jumped up like 2 or 3 times into the air like a whale. I fought it out and even got it on camera lol. There was thick weeds no more than 6" below the surface and this beast stayed on top the entire time.

    I brought i out and was exhausted and stunned at the size of this true Northern Trophy largemouth(see my pictures)

    I weighed this largemouth bass and it was 6lbs 13oz, 23" long and 18.5" girth...A trophy and something I will never forget, Rapala set yet another record, this time for myself.
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Drinka (posted Jul 23, 2009)
welcome aboard
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