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mowen113 (US)

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  • About Yourself
    well basically im 15 years old and i am completely self taught when it comes to fishing, i pay for all my tackle and i try to go fishing at least once a week somehwhere. i am really into flyfishing as well. to me there is nothing better than to spend a day with a light action pole and a box of redworms on farm pond.
  • Favorite species
    Bass of course but they are hard to catch and im still learning so i havnt really got everything down yet.
  • Most Memorable Fish
    i caught a six pound bass on accident while walking along the shoreline with my line in the water with some crappie nibbles powerbait on the hook. i was amazed.
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    to be able to fish with someone on a proffesional level who can help me improve and be able to enjoy this sport we call fishing.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    i was in a severe car accident
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DaleHollowTroller (posted Oct 28, 2009)
Welcome aboard.....
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Apr 23,2015


Apr 23,2015

15" crappie

Apr 21,2015


Apr 21,2015

5.2 Pounds