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mom (CA)

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  • About Yourself
    hi people im 34 years old i have 7 kids and my 5 years love giong fiching with me but he like to see fish come out of the red river in winnipeg its very dirty water and i thought i can use red divil to cought fish if u are luckly to get FICH OR A JACKFISH I WETHER USE MINOW ARE WORMS BUT WHEN I FIRST STARTED I THOUGHT THE SAME THING TO GET FISH WITHOUT BAIT JUST LURES
  • Favorite species
    MY favorite is pickerl i cought a 23 inch nice got picture im trying to figure out my dight camara that my wife got
  • Most Memorable Fish
    my fist fich was cat fish on brown bread
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    to geet out of nthe house
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fishdit (posted Jul 2, 2009)
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Oct 25,2014

PB Beast Smallie!

Oct 23,2014

Bam Fly

Oct 20,2014

7 LB. 3 OZ.

Oct 17,2014

October 11th