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Matt13 (US)

Hello everyone my names Matt Handshoe im 16 years old and i live in Indiana. I live close to angola. I have been fishing for about 13 years. I love to bowfish for carp or gar and love to bass fish. Also i love to ice fish.

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  • Bowfishing night
  • posted on Jun 25, 2009
  • Well it all started one week when we got a call from the owner of the lake we fish wanted us to shoot some of the carp and gar out of his lake. So we set out a couple nights later at about 11 and right out of the shore we spotted our first fish of the nig...
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Created Jun 25, 2009

Mar 27,2015

The skin mount.

Mar 27,2015

Fat little Bass

Mar 27,2015

Tiger pike

Mar 27,2015

Pike # 2