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Mari (US)

I've been fishing since I was 4 with my dad. Mainly for bass. It's just now that I started fishing with a reel that I got not to long ago. I love fishing! I find it to be a great sport especially when they fight.

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  • About Yourself
    I love fishing, fresh water or salt water fishing is fishing! It is QUIET, relaxing and an awesome adrenaline rush! Especially when you have a good fight and I win. Can't wait to join my first tournament....
  • Favorite species
    I love fishing for Peacock Bass and Bass...........
  • Most Memorable Fish
    An 8 pound peacock bass,,,, the pull was awesome. What a beautiful fish!
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Anywhere in the world would be great right about now.
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    My rod needs a peacock bass!
Comments (19 comments)
 (posted Jan 23, 2012)
Mari - A few friends of mine go every 2 years to the amazon from Michigan to Peacock bass fish !! You would be interested to go to and read their stories. They are crack addicted to Peacocks, and I can see why !
Mari (posted Feb 14, 2010)
Wow I have joined my first tiournament! I can't wait till tomorrow morning, I probably won't get much sleep tonight! All for the love of fishing!
Mari (posted Oct 2, 2009)
OMG I can't wait to go fishing already! I'm having such an itch to fish!
FISHINMA (posted Sep 24, 2009)
Hey Mari all is well and I'm a Grandma now! Sweet Addy is in my summer album! No it's not Shelbi's baby . My youngest daughter Toni's baby. I see you've been playin with those Peacocks again!luv it! Take care! Smiley! MA
massman (posted Sep 23, 2009)
hello love the photos
FISHINMA (posted Jun 17, 2009)
Mari!! You changed your profile pic! NICE! How have you been? I see you met my daughter Shelbi. She's kinda close to you...closer than I am!lol One day I'll get south east to catch some fishy's!..TMAS is married to my other daughter Crystal but she's not on Bounty. Take Care Kiddo! Smiles Always! MA
Shelbi (posted Jun 12, 2009)
NYC as in New York? Wow that would be fun!!! and CRAZY! You fishin up there or partyin? or both? lol
Shelbi (posted Apr 22, 2009)
You have some GREAT pics! I love em!
Mari (posted Apr 21, 2009)
I'm sorry for not answering you sooner but haven't been on the site for a while. I caught that peacock at a park in Miami, called Tropical Park..... Great fight!
buschbeer39 (posted Mar 17, 2009)
i've often dreamed of catching a peacock. thats a nice one. where did you catch it
BigBassBabe (posted Oct 31, 2008)
nice peacock in your profile picture! It's great to see another fishin' chick on this website! keep on fishing!
bassmasta1919 (posted Oct 25, 2008)
those r some great fish in ur pics...keep it up!
FISHINMA (posted Oct 19, 2008)
Mari THANKYOU! Your sunrise/sunset album is to die for!!! How's the fishin been? Smiles Always! MA
Yiyo (posted Jul 5, 2008)
FISHINMA (posted Jun 18, 2008)
Hey Mari it looks like you had a great Memorial trip! Thanks for the kind comments! Keep up that fishin! Smiles Always! MA
FISHINMA (posted May 20, 2008)
Thankyou Mari! Are you gettin in on any tourneys? We are needing more channel cat commits for July! Read the Thread "Need CATFISH in the schedule! Bounty will do one if we get 40 people in on it and Aaron Wiebe will not be able to compete that week! Smiles Always! Lori MA
FISHINMA (posted May 1, 2008)
Hey Mari welcome to Bounty! Awesome pics! One day I'd love to go south for peacock's they are a beautiful bass! GL Smiles Always! "MA"
ladyfish (posted Apr 20, 2008)
cool peacocks. someday i hope to put one in my album.
TMAS (posted Apr 16, 2008)
Thanks Mari!! That's quite the collection of trophy bass...keep 'em comin!
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