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ManitobaMusky (CA)

Fishing is my religion.

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Week 72
Walleye 22.31"

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Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Walleye 0 3 4 99.91" 4 $140
Totals 0 3 4 99.91" 4 $140
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.
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Comments (6 comments)
FISHINMA (posted Jul 27, 2009)
LOL! About your sunglasses! Congrats kiddo!!!My Eye's wouldn't play this week but the kitties did! I just love to fish! Always Smile! MA
ManitobaMusky (posted Feb 2, 2009)
Thanks Adam and FISHINMA. I'm chuckling about the comment about my photos. In the first one I had very little sleep and was worried that the camera was going to fall off the chair that it was precariously perched upon. In the most recent photo, I again had little sleep and had since broken the LCD display on my camera so I could not confirm if I was in the frame or if the photo of the measurement was taken properly. Ahh, the fortunes of fishing alone.
FISHINMA (posted Feb 2, 2009)
Congrats on second Mark!!! You look like your in a tunnel shootin outa the dam to the river!!!lol! Are you????!!! Nice one!!! Boy are they fat this time of year! I couldn't find one yet only had a couple hours. Smiles Always! MA
AdamCox (posted Feb 2, 2009)
Yep, that's pretty good for a days work Mark. I admit I went out more than once teehee although I probably shouldn't have. GL in the next tourney.
dragonslayer (posted Dec 15, 2008)
welcome to bountyfishing!!!!show us some manitoba muskies!!!!
FISHINMA (posted Jul 1, 2008)
Hey MM way to bump my minnow!!lol GL this week! Smiles Always! MA Where's your profile & pics?? Love to see your sweet catches!
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