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lildiggy (US)

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Week 214
Any Species (18" Slot) 16.25"

Tournament History
Tournament Statistics
Category Wins Top5 Top10 Top 5 Fish Total Total Entries Prize Money
Sea Trout 2 3 4 94.66" 4 $225
Red Drum 1 1 1 38.40" 1 -
Pan/Crappie 0 1 3 38.38" 3 $25
Redfish Slot (18"-27") 0 1 1 26.03" 1 $20
Largemouth Bass 0 1 2 46.04" 2 $75
Any SpeciesX (25" Slot) 0 1 1 22.00" 1 -
Any Species (18" Slot) 0 1 1 16.25" 1 -
Totals 3 9 13 281.76" 13 $345
* Note: Totals do not include cash prizes won from Master Anglers and BountyRecords.
Fishing profile
  • About Yourself
    I enjoy fishing saltwater. The keys have been my favorite fishing destination becasue of the great fishing and diving.
  • Favorite species
    Tailing Redfish, Dolphin, Kingfish and Snook
  • Most Memorable Fish
    Recently a 51 lb kingfish caught off the beach in Fort Pierce
  • Dream Fishing Trip
    Halibut fishing in Alaska
  • Best excuse you ever told someone to go fishing
    Nothing to good
Comments (25 comments)
Gmoney (posted Jun 20, 2009)
Thanks for the bump......hehe good job !!
Gmoney (posted Jun 4, 2009)
Man,your burnin'up the boards....Way to go!
fishdit (posted Jun 3, 2009)
On the Board! Nice job!
Gmoney (posted May 25, 2009)
That stinks about your red but, whacha gonna do;There is a Speck thread started for adding Seatrout in the summer tourneys.....I know you want this......Have a great day!!!
FISHINMA (posted May 18, 2009)
OH SHISH!!! DRAT!! You best write a story!!!! and KEEP SMILIN!!! MA
Steve P
Steve P (posted May 18, 2009)
That was a real nice fish. steve.
CortezFisherman (posted May 18, 2009)
Thanks for the congrats on the trout... as of this morning I thought you had second but I guess I've got a better tape measure LOL... I had to retake a picture because of sunglasses once last year... luckily I just put him in the livewell when I noticed to screw up.
dustyflair (posted May 18, 2009)
Congrats on the placing in the Trout tourney. I was hoping to see you in the Redfish tourney too but looks like you missed the slot or sunglasses got you..>Anyway, keep up the good work.
FISHINMA (posted May 18, 2009)
Was it too big??? Smiley! MA
CortezFisherman (posted May 18, 2009)
What happened to your redfish???
FISHINMA (posted May 15, 2009)
Go Get Em!! 2 boards again would be sweet!!! Let's see it kiddo!!!GL Smiles Always! MA
dustyflair (posted May 13, 2009)
Congrats on placing on the crappie board!!!
FISHINMA (posted May 11, 2009)
And he hit 2 BOARDS WAHOOEY! Smiles Always! MA
massman (posted May 11, 2009)
congrats on your win
Steve P
Steve P (posted May 11, 2009)
Nice double!! theres no where around here to fish for specks, good job!!!
gregor (posted Apr 28, 2009)
Great fish, sorry I could not get with you sooner to congradulate your catch but Ive been moving and dealing with a broken boat. I guess we may have to come over to the goon to try and top that Trout. Looks like there aren't anymore Trout Tourneys set up for the warm water bite over here anyway. By the way, Nice Hat.
Freespool2 (posted Apr 28, 2009)
Very nice Trout, can't compete with tthat over here on the Gulf Coast! Congrats on the New record, that means I'm gonna have to make some road trips to compete with that kind of entry! Great Job!
Rodney (posted Apr 27, 2009)
That is a trophy.What we lack in size on the west-coast of Florida is made up in numbers.Lots of trout here. I did have a buddy catch a 32 incher last December,but that is very rare. W.T.G.!!!
FISHINMA (posted Apr 27, 2009)
Congrats on that MONSTER!! Smiles Always! MA
Steve P
Steve P (posted Apr 27, 2009)
Now thats a gator trout!!awsome fish!!!!!!!!
CortezFisherman (posted Apr 27, 2009)
Dude! Outstanding fish man... Congrats
Gmoney (posted Apr 27, 2009)
Dude,Nice trout!Did you enter the Bounty record breaker tourney?YOU HAVE THE BOUNTY RECORD ON SEATROUT(28.80 is the current record)........Hope u entered.............Nice job
FISHINMA (posted Jun 9, 2008)
WTG!WAHOO! Another Bounty Breaker!! Smiles Always! MA
derrickw3 (posted Jun 3, 2008)
Nice Pics! We've got ourselves another hardcore.. You've got the look of Jake Busey and the fishing prowess of Jimmy Houston :) Welcome !
dragonslayer (posted May 28, 2008)
some awesome fishing, very cool...
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